We’re often on the quest for the hottest trends of the moment and we are not necessarily giving too much touch on the less visible parts of our outfit. Still, our lingerie plays a crucial role in helping us look and feel great about ourselves. If your lingerie collection is in need of a quick refresh, the Maison Simmons spring/summer 2012 lingerie collection will definitely prove a worthwhile source of insight. Staying away from extremes like fetishistic touches or overly conservative vibes, the label manages to raise the interest of more than a restricted age group.

A lot of lace and a desire to reinvent the classics are enough to make the looks sophisticated and extremely appealing. Two piece lingerie, night dresses, comfy pajamas and many more are just some of the combos envisioned that can enable us to stay stylish in each moment of the evening. With your needs clearly laid out, finding the absolute best alternatives will become a lot simpler. Innocent or feisty? Take your pick. Either way, appealing options are here to dazzle you.

Stripes and polka dots have been fairly ubiquitous in retail offerings and the brand makes no exception offering these fab alternatives for intimate wear as well. The color palette is fairly strict, yet the versatility of offerings quickly makes us dismiss the fact as an unimportant detail. Mastering the art of being seductive without trying too hard is beautifully highlighted in the newest collection.

Staying comfy, stylish and seductive isn’t necessarily a clear cut process. It can vary greatly on the desired look or the particular effect you’re trying to tackle. For every criterion, the alternatives are fairly different, yet the looks are definitely cute regardless of how complicated or simple the style perspective is. All these fabulous options can serve as style inspiration for the a much needed lingerie update, so put these fun principles to work to be able to stay stylish on every moment of the day and night.

Photo courtesy of La Maison Simons