Swimwear label Morena Rosa taps Isabeli Fontana to show off its hottest designs for the hottest days of 2013. Have a look at the gorgeous new alternatives offered.

The fabulous partnership between Morena Rosa and Isabeli Fontana continues for the spring 2012-2013 swimwear collection as well. The exotic beauty makes us anxiously await for the hot seasons to arrive. With a myriad of whimsical patterns and accessories that take summer fun to the heights it deserves, the model shines in a multitude of trendy alternatives which can instantly turn heads even without the major styling additions available.

Fierce and fabulous or simple and downright sexy are the instant impressions one gets at a simple glance at the new designs. After so many seasons when florals and animal prints were the go to prints, designers seem to have given geometric influences and tribal motifs the attention that they deserve. The degree in which you show off your love for such motifs is stll entirely dependent on your individual preferences. Though matching ensembles are the coventional choice, there's nothing wrong with toning down if it suits your interests more.

As far as style goes, finding what best suits your body is the best strategy as the brand makes effort in helping everyone find a good match. From the regular two piece swimsuit to the spectacular one piece to strapless options, your needs and comfort levels can be met with a variety of flirty alternatives. Monochrome options can be flattering for those who don't necessarily love busy patterns. Diversity is definitely a strong point of the upcoming collection.

Photo courtesy of Morena Rosa