The venerated lingerie producer company is famous of its ability to bring back the all time classy beauty ideal with the silky and high class underwear designs that allow us to evoke the femme fatale within. However you should not think of pretty vulgar and skin flashing designs instead these bras and panties as well as camisoles and silky shirts are all envisioned in a more classy and restrained manner that echoes a sophisticated tailoring technique and color selection. The Intimissimi Fall/Winter 2010 Lingerie Lookbook provides you with a precious selection of underwear sets that are perfect for all occasions and boost your sense of comfort and with it confidence. These are some of the most delightful lingerie designs to keep an eye on.

The professionally inspired tailoring paired with the high street color selection all make up the mastery behind this fabulous lingerie collection. However besides these two elements we should also mention the cute prints that are used to make the parade of panties and bras versed with the latest fashion trends from the runway. Floral designs, checks and also polka dots are some of the ageless designs used to create the desired and mass-appealing impression.

Indeed Intimissimi relies on the fab effect of flirty details and patterns proper for all age groups from teens to older women. Play up your refined style-consciousness and don’t let monotony sneak into your wardrobe. Instead keep your undergarments up-to-date with the newest style tendencies, Intimissimi will help you achieve this objective.

When it comes of colors the Intimissimi Fall/Winter 2010 Lingerie Lookbook limits itself to the use of sensuous and pastel tones. However you shouldn’t stay away of these fabulous style items as you still have many tones to choose from. The most prominent shades included in the collection are mustard, beige, black, light pink as well as lavender and green. Those who are fond of these colors will have the chance to wear them all throughout the season. Pay special attention both to the soft and skin-stroking texture as well as the unique tailoring and pair these designs to your silhouette and features. Intimissimi teaches you how to learn the art of sporting ultra-flattering and glamorous underwear.

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