Vintage lovers take a look at the Hanna Bloch spring/summer 2013 swimwear collection and prepare to be mesmerized by the diversity of styles.

A curious thing seems to happen every cold season: as soon as temperatures drop significantly our thoughts are immediately directed towards the dream beach vacations we look forward to. Seeing the Hanna Bloch spring summer 2013 collection has triggered a similar reaction and a single glimpse of the collection might be enough to convince you to indulge in a bit of daydreaming too, especially if you love a few luxe vintage vibes with '60s and '70s style influences.

The more skin the better approach is seriously challenged in the new swimwear collection which brings a seriously cool alternative worth considering. If you love patterns with a distinguishable fun allure that happens to be perfectly in line with the spectacular style direction endorsed for the upcoming season, the label's collection might just be the thing you're looking for, from turban style wraps to gorgeous cover ups and everything in between. The rich blend of textures, fabrics and tones are magnetic and eye-catching.

Embracing the abstract prints trend which clearly highlights the geometric precision that will mark the upcoming months is definitely a great option if you're the trendsetter within your group, yet it is far from being the only one. The palette of alternatives is fairly generous and things can be easily mixed and matched for different vibes and effects. The new options sure cater to one's eclectic side and maximum creativity is definitely an important point that helps put the new looks in the proper perspective.

If you love boho-chic flares, the new options will certainly be thought provoking. Let your style personality shine by choosing a style in which you feel comfortable and has all the right style details you like. Accessorize properly for maximum impact and make your swimsuit the main attraction on every beachwear session. Make every detail count by putting effort into looking your best every single time.

Photo courtesy of Hanna Bloch