Spring arrival seems to have been a fabulous boost for the Free People brand which is extremely active lately and aims to provide a multitude of exciting new season alternatives worth exploring. After the two festival inspired lookbooks, it’s time to explore less visible pieces with “The Intimates” new collection which tackles the boho chic attire options down to the latest details. The latest lookbook features models Martha Hunt, Crista Cober and Pania Rose.

The selection of the models is far from being random as each one of them highlights a certain style perspective: cool, pretty and of course, sexy. The looks are not the usual bra-panties display and tend to vary depending on the type of the channeled allure. Extreme flare pants, jeans or sweatpants, cropped tops or colorful undershirts can be fabulous additions for less conventional approaches of sexy looks or for those who are craving for a feminine, innocent allure.

Laid back yet deceivingly seductive, the collection features several covetable styles worth taking into account. While most pieces tend to stay in the safe side, others break the routine: mismatched lingerie or wild animal prints tend to fall mostly in this category. Exploring the multiple faces of femininity is something we often forget to pay attention to, which is why creative approaches like the ones from the brand’s lookbook are necessary. Highlighting different sides of your personality can be a lot of fun and emphasizing your creative side can be extremely easy as the newest boho chic display of sexiness and flirty options clearly show. Vary your look from the simplest details to more complex makeovers with some of the easy alternatives presented here.

Photos by Anthony Nocella and Jess Roberts

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