Whether or not you believe in a deep connection between gemstones and each zodiac sign, having at least one piece of jewelry with your birthstone in connection to the horoscope is said to bring good luck.

Find out which semiprecious and precious stones are associated with your horoscope sign and decide for yourself whether you want to wear them as part of earrings, necklaces, rings or bracelets.

Aries – Heliotrope

One of the oldest zodiac birthstones associated with the sign of the archer, the heliotrope is available in two varieties. The green chalcedony with yellow inclusions is called plasma, but you should be looking for the green variety with red inclusions, either red jasper or iron oxide, called bloodstones.

Birthstone For Aries Heliotrope

Taurus – Sapphire

Birthstone For Taurus Sapphire

While sapphires are found in many colors, including yellow and pink, it’s the blue and green varieties that are linked to the sign of the bull. As horoscope sign gemstones, sapphires can be an inspired choice for jewelry that you wear daily, regardless of their color.

Gemini – Agate

Birthstone For Gemini Agate

The microcrystalline variety of silica, agate is the perfect choice for Gemini when you’re looking for zodiac birthstones. Found in volcanic rocks or ancient lavas, agates are available in many colors, sometimes found in the same gemstone, which is called a rainbow agate.

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Cancer – Emerald

Birthstone For Cancer Emerald

One of the more expensive horoscope sign gemstones, the emerald is associated with those born under the sign of Cancer. This variety of the mineral beryl gets its green color from trace amounts of vanadium or chromium. They can also be created though multiple methods in a laboratory.

Leo – Onyx

Birthstone For Leo Onyx

A banded variety of chalcedony with bands of alternating colors, onyx is ones of the zodiac birthstones that’s hardest to find in its true form. Most gemstones sold as onyx are produced from the staining of agate and other carbonated materials, which are softer than the original variety.

Virgo – Carnelian

Birthstone For Virgo Carnelian

One of the few horoscope sign gemstones available in a single color family, carnelian is a brownish-red mineral, but some varieties are as light as pale orange, while others are almost black. Carnelian is perfect for embossed rings and it was used for centuries as part of seal rings, because wax does not cling to it.

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Libra – Chrysolite

Birthstone For Libra Chrysolite

Yellow and green are the colors associated with zodiac birthstones for those born under the sign of Libra and that gives you more than one choice. Peridot gemstones, available only in olive green, are a great options, but so are other types of chrysolite, including chrysoberyl, apatites and opals.

Scorpio – Beryl

Birthstone For Scorpio Beryl

While pure beryl is colorless, it’s one of the horoscope sign gemstones that can be found in a wide variety of colors, which have different impurities. Aquamarine, the turquoise variety of beryl is a great choice for Scorpios, but golden varieties can be just as beautiful.

Sagittarius – Topaz

Birthstone For Sagittarius Topaz

Blue is the color of choice for zodiac birthstones with a special significance for the Sagittarius. The main choice is blue topaz, but other turquoise or blueish gemstones are just as suitable for those born under the sign of the archer, including lapis lazuli.

Capricorn – Ruby

Birthstone For Capricorn Ruby

Red horoscope sign gemstones are the perfect choice for a Capricorn. Ruby, whether it’s pink or blood-red, is a beautiful stone. While the clear and deep red stones are the most expensive, you can easily find lighter shades suitable for a pendant you can wear every day.

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Aquarius – Garnet

Birthstone For Aquarius Garnet

Garnets are the zodiac birthstones for Aquarius and can be found in plenty of color variations, from red and orange to black and blue. One of the hardest gemstones, the garnet that’s perfect for those born under this horoscope sign is usually in a warm shade, not the colder green or gray varieties.

Pisces – Amethyst

Birthstone For Pisces Amethyst

The amethyst is one of the horoscope sign gemstones that’s also a good second choice for Aries, but it’s the semiprecious stone that best represents Pisces. This purple or violet variety of quartz has been attributed powers of healing and of protection in Ancient Greece and during the Middle Ages.