A shopping experience can prove fruitful when you’re paying attention to more than just the latest trends. Discover a few shopping secrets that will help you avoid common mistakes that will end up in regret.

Be careful when it comes to the worst shopping mistakes you can make and you’ll notice an improvement in your wardrobe. Stay true to your style, but avoid these shopping errors and you’ll find the entire experience more pleasant and successful.

Shopping at the Wrong Time

If you go shopping when you’re tired, you’re bound to make a wrong decision. Shops are also more crowded in the afternoon and evening, and you won’t feel as relaxed as you would be if you shopped mid-morning or at lunch. 

Don’t forget to eat a healthy snack before hitting the mall. You don’t want to be hungry, but you also don’t want to be stuffed and discover that you don’t fit in your regular size.

Buying Without Trying On

Even when you’re in a big hurry during a sale, buying an item without trying it on is one of the worst shopping mistakes you can make. You might end up with clothing that either doesn’t fit you well or doesn’t fit with the rest of your wardrobe. Also, make sure that you go shopping in comfortable clothes that are easy to get off and avoid wearing and jewelry that can snag.

Dont Buy Without Trying On

Heading Straight to the Bargain Bin

Deals that seem too good to pass up in the store might end up as the worst cases of buyer’s regret. Forget about small prices when the item isn’t perfect. You can rationalize buying something that’s very cheap even if it’s not the right size or color, but you should adjust your thinking. The money you spend on smaller purchases that are just OK could be put to better use for a more expensive WOW item.

Ignoring Return Policies

One of the worst shopping mistakes you can make is forgetting to read the important info on the return policies of the clothes and accessories you buy. If you’re still undecided when you try them on at home, set an alarm on your smartphone for a couple of days before the return period ends. While you’re at it, don’t forget to check the label to make sure the fabrics don’t need special care that you can’t bother or afford to provide.

Taking Your Guy Along for the Ride

Even if your boyfriend or husband offers to charge some of your purchases on his card, you shouldn’t take him along for the ride when you go on a shopping spree. If you already know exactly what you want, he might tag along, but when you’re going to be spending more than an hour in stores, he’ll get bored, fidgety and end up being a downer.

Buying Without Thinking Of Your Closet

Buying Multiples Before Wearing the Original

It’s easy to get excited about an item of clothing that fits you perfectly, but buying multiples at first sight is one of the worst shopping mistakes you can make. Instead, buy the item in the color you love the most, then wear it and wash it a couple of times. You might pick up on problems with a garment only after wearing it a few times and then you’ll regret getting it in multiple colors.

Late Night Online Shopping

Whether or not you’ve had a drink or two, online shopping late at night can lead to some pretty bad decisions that you’ll regret in the morning. Put your credit card away and check your favorite online stores the next day.

Buying Without Thinking of Your Closet

Purchasing an item that doesn’t really work with anything else is one of the worst shopping mistakes you can make, unless you’re going for a full makeover. Check your closet before you go shopping and start creating looks in your head as soon as you try anything on.

Letting the Salespeople Talk You Into Buying an Item

If you’re undecided, you’re better off not buying an item, especially when it’s expensive. If you let the salesperson talk you into buying an item, there’s a good chance you’ll end up regretting it. But don’t be rude, a good salesperson is a valuable friend in a store and can tip you off about new lines and upcoming sales.

Choosing Different Because You’re Bored of Your Style

Different for its own sake is one of the worst shopping mistakes you can make. Unless you’re buying a complete outfit, stay away from separates that don’t match anything in your closet.

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