While many of these common mistakes are also relevant to a size 0 model, they’re especially dangerous when you’re shopping for plus size clothing. Others are specific to women who have a larger body, but still want to dress to feel both confident and comfortable.

Check out the worst plus size fashion mistakes, and make sure that you’re not making any of them if you want to come across as stylish and well-dressed.

1. Wearing Something Unflattering to Be Courageous

If you’re not really aware of your body shape or believe that ignoring it is perfectly alright, you might end up wearing outfits that simply suck. Whether it’s horizontal stripes or any other details that is unflattering on your body, just stay clear of it. 

Of course you can make the occasional exception, but if most of your wardrobe is what you like, not what looks good on you, it’s time for a makeover.

Plus Size Pencil Skirt Outfitphoto: Aarti Olivia

2. Hiding Your Body Completely

One of the worst plus size fashion mistakes is using clothes to hide your body. Hiding every curve under baggy clothes won’t make you look slimmer, in fact it will make you look larger than you are. Embrace your curves and find clothes that skim the body instead of trying to hide all of it under oversized clothing.

Plus Size Ripped Jeans Outfitphoto: Nadia Aboulhosn

3. Focusing Too Much on Trends

Most trends are only flattering to a small group of people, whether or not size comes into play. If you love keeping your looks current to the latest runway trends, focus on accessories more than silhouettes that may be unflattering. Instead, choose your silhouettes based on what works for your body, not the latest trends.

Plus Size Casual Style Dressphoto: Vanoue Licious

4. Sticking to Black

Just because black is slimming  doesn’t mean you should restrict yourself to it. Shying away from color is one of the worst plus size fashion mistakes you can make. Try other dark hues that are slimming, including browns and navys, but don’t be afraid to inject a little bit of bright colors in your outfits too, not just in your accessories.

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Plus Size Crop Top And Pencil Skirtphoto: Nadia Aboulhosn

5. Wearing Cap Sleeves On Large Arms

Paying attention to the shape of your body means picking out what works for you, regardless of what’s flattering on other plus size women. For example, wearing cap sleeves when you have thicker arms is not a flattering look, since the sleeves make them look even larger.

Plus Size Style Cuffed Jeansphoto: Anais Penelope

6. Becoming a Slave to a Size

Size can be a powerful psychological obstacle, but you have to do your best to ignore it. Don’t label yourself a certain size then try to squeeze into a clothing item of that size no matter what. Just like shoes, plus size clothing can vary greatly between different manufacturers. One of the worst plus size fashion mistakes is just trying on a single size when you’re shopping, instead of trying to check if a larger or smaller one is more flattering on you.

Plus Size Style Floral Dressphoto: Audrey G.

7. Buying Exclusively Online

Sticking to online shopping is another mistake that can affect your style. The right fit is even more important for plus-size women, so buying online after you’ve actually tried the clothes on in a store is a much better idea in order to guarantee you’ll be pleased and not have to return half of your new clothes.

Plus Zize Trench Coat Outfitphoto: Nina Flageul

8. Relying on Leggings

Wearing leggings regularly is also one of the worst plus size fashion mistakes. They don’t really slim down your legs, instead showing every little detail. A well tailored pair of pants that’s flattering on your figure always looks better than a pair of black leggings, and it also gives you a lot more options to express your unique style.

Plus Size Fashion Outfit Casualphoto: Ashley Rose

9. Not Wearing Shapewear When You Shop

If you plan on wearing shapewear under your new purchases, then that’s absolutely the only right way to try them on. When you buy new clothes without wearing your regular underwear or shapewear under them, you won’t know how they really fit you in the end.

 Plus Size Cropped Pantsphoto: Margot Meanie

10. Overaccessorizing

Compensating with a lot of colorful accessories added to a bland and dark look can also be one of the worst plus size fashion mistakes. When you’re looking to complete your look with the perfect accessories, make sure that they draw the eye towards your best assets, and don’t go overboard with them.