When you’re planning a makeover, you can easily make quite a few mistakes that can detract from the experience. Whether you’re just looking for clothes for a new look or want to go all out with a new hairstyle and some makeup changes, try to avoid the worst makeover mistakes.

From errors that only cost money to mistakes that will affect you for longer, here are the perils you should avoid when you’re ready for a cool makeover.

Getting a Makeover for the Wrong Reasons

You might think there’s no wrong reason for a great makeover, but make sure that you’re doing it because you want to, not because your boyfriend or your friends insist that you need a change. If you’re not ready for it, you might end up regretting it, especially if it includes drastic changes to your hair that can’t be undone if you change your mind.

Going for a Look that Isn’t Flattering

Unflattering Makeover

Choosing different for the sake of it without taking anything else into consideration is definitely one of the worst makeover mistakes. Before going all out for a new look, make sure that the style and colors look flattering on you. For hair & makeup, use an app to see how different shades suit you, and for clothes, find out which styles and colors simply don’t work for you before rethinking your wardrobe.

Buying Too Many Makeup Products at Once

Even if you’re excited about a brand new look, try not to buy too many makeup products at once, unless they’re from a brand you love and trust. You can easily get swept in the moment and get makeup you can’t use every day, or you could experience a breakout and you’ll have no idea which product caused it.

Staying in Your Comfort Zone

If you need a change but can’t commit to anything out of your comfort zone, do more research before you decide which way to go. Staying in your comfort zone despite claiming your want a new look is one of the worst makeover mistakes. Finding balance between what you usually love and something new and exciting that works for you is what gives you a boost in self-confidence through your makeover.

Making a Drastic Choice You Might Regret

Bad Hair Makeover

Spur of the moment decisions don’t always work out well in the long run. When it comes to cutting your hair, make sure you’re committed before making a drastic choice. You can always wear extensions or weaves, but if you love the length of your hair, maybe the only change you need is a new color, not a short crop.

Buying Clothes Right Before Starting a Diet

If your want your makeover to be the start of a whole new lifestyle, one of the worst makeover mistakes is spending a lot of money on clothes that you either think will fit you in your future size or that fit you snuggly now. You should get one item to help you stay motivated, but try not to spend too much when you’re going through size changes.

Choosing a New Look That’s Very Hard to Maintain

One of the biggest downsides of a new makeover is discovering that it doesn’t really work for you in the real world. Whether it’s all-white looks in a rainy season or a hairstyle that takes you an hour each morning to perfect, take into consideration how your new makeover will work with your schedule and daily life.

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Splurging on Too Many New Items

Excessive Shopping

Some stylists say that if you love something, you should get two or more versions, but one of the worst makeover mistakes is investing a lot of money in clothes that you may not find comfortable or easy to care for in the long run. Stick to a head-to-toe look when you want a makeover and don’t make purchases you might regret.

Doing Everything at Once

For some women, a complete makeover can turn into a big shock and raise self-image issues. If you’re afraid of change, you might want to make a few baby steps before committing to brand new wardrobe choice, along with a new hairstyle and new makeup. Doing every step of a makeover at once may feel exciting, but it’s not for everybody.

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Buying on Sale with No Returns

Even if you love your new look, focusing on sales that come with no return policies might become one of the worst makeover mistakes for you. Keep your impulse buys to a minimum and choose items of clothing that you can return in 30 days or more if you change your mind.

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