Finding the right balance of humor and creepiness in your Halloween costume is difficult enough when you’re just brainstorming for one, but couples costumes can quickly go wrong unless you really think them through.

Take a look at some of the worst Halloween couples costume ideas and try to avoid their negative connotations or outright offensiveness. Whether you’re planning on going as celebrities or you’re aiming for something more conceptual, here are the ideas that are better dropped before making your final choice.

Hazmat Suits and Anything Ebola Related

Bio-hazard suits are already trending as a “fun” Halloween option, but there’s nothing fun about it, especially if you decide to pair it up with a really bloody costume. 

Ebola Hazmat Suits Halloween

Definitely in the category of “too soon”, anything ebola related should be left alone this Halloween. The recent outbreak killed thousands in West Africa, and you’ll get plenty of attention for your “creative” idea, but probably the wrong kind.

Cersei and Jamie Lannister

Cersei And Jamie Lannister Halloween Costumesource

Definitely one of the worst Halloween couples costume ideas, whether you’re planning on wearing it with your significant other or even worse your brother. It’s pretty self explanatory why it’s not really a fun idea, so avoid the incest and rape vibe by pairing Jamie with Brienne or Cersei with Joffrey.

Hugh Hefner and a Playboy Bunny

Hugh Hefner And A Playboy Bunny Halloween Costumesource

He gets to be comfortable in a soft smoking jacket or bathrobe, while you’ll be on display with bunny ears. The older Hefner gets, the creepier the combo gets, but it’s not really the right kind of creepy. Avoid the uncomfortable mysoginistic tones of this couples costume.

Maleficent and King Stefan

Maleficent And King Stefan Halloweensource

While the rape vibe isn’t as explicit as for a Cersei and Jamie Lannister combination, Maleficent and King Stefan still make one of the worst Halloween couples costume ideas. If your heart is set on Maleficent, ask your guy is he wants to be Prince Phillip. Or better yet, go as Maleficent on your own and let your guy choose his own fairytale inspired look.

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Any Kind of Food

Milk And Cookies Couples Halloween Costume

It’s been done to death and the only thing you can squeeze out of this concept will end up corny or cringe-worthy. You’ll find plenty of food-related costume combos, from milk and cookies or bacon and eggs to peanut butter and jelly or condiment pairings (salt and pepper, ketchup and mustard). Try to be a little more original with your couples costumes this year.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Couple Halloween Costume

If you’re thinking of going as pop culture couple, Bieber and Selena Gomez are definitely one of the worst Halloween couples costume ideas, outshined only by Chris Brown and Rihanna. It’s boring, it’s been done to death and you can find plenty of other options for more relevant celebrities.

Plug and Socket

Plug And Socket Couples Halloween Costume

This old “classic” needs to be retired for good. The idea is so basic that even a five year old gets. He’s the plug, you’re the socket. You can’t save it by switching it around or by updating it to USB port and drive. And don’t even think of going as “key and keyhole”, it takes everything that’s tasteless about the original and takes it up a notch.

Adam and Eve

Adam And Eve Couples Halloween Costume

You can’t go more boring than Adam and Eve, one of the worst Halloween couples costume ideas. If you choose to go with underwear, you’ll be feeding into the objectifying sexy trends, or if you go for a flesh colored bodysuit with leaves, it’ll just look dumb. Find a more creative idea and let go of this cliché.


Boobs Couples Halloween Costumes

A baffling choice that’s increasingly popular, the idea of going as “boobs” is only marginally more comfortable than conjoined twins. It’s definitely on the fun side, and it could be seen as hilarious by some, and offensive by others. Try a more sophisticated approach to your couples costumes this year.

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Sexy Children’s Literature or Movies Characters

Harry Potter And Sexy Hermione Couples Halloween

Some of the worst Halloween couples costume ideas take children and sexualize them. It doesn’t matter if Harry Potter and Hermione are all grown up, going the sexy route is still borderline creepy, and not in the way you’d want it. If you want to go sexy, pick adult characters from movies or books.