The worst fashion mistakes can be funny, but only if you’re not the one being laughed at. 

From some accessories which should be completely forgotten, to a few simple rules that you should never discard, find out how to avoid the worst fashion mistakes which can ruin your look.

Fanny Packs

No matter what designer is trying to bring them back, fanny packs belong in the past. First of all, there’s nothing you can put into them that wouldn’t be better suited to a bag, any bag! Even if you ignore how ugly fanny packs are, truly one of the worst fashion mistakes, they still add volume to your waist, hips or belly in the most unflattering way.

Badly Fit Clothes

Clothes Too Tight

From the horrible “muffin top” to clothes that are simply too slouchy, a bad fit can undo all the effort you’ve put into choosing the right items for your style. Don’t be blinded by your ego when you try clothes on. Getting low rise jeans when you have love handles is simply unacceptable, and few things are less sexy that your flesh spilling out of tight clothes.


Comfy and easy to care for, crocs are outdoor shoes! So unless you’re saving your better shoes while you work on your yacht, lose the crocs. They don’t work with any type of outfit except beach looks, since they were always intended as a boating shoe, according to their official website. The YOU by Crocs line offers similar advantages but with a much better look.

Puke Fanny Pack

Leather Pants

Even if you think of yourself as a rock chic, leather pants are a way to dress down, not up. Forget about joining a bike gang and banish the leather pants from your wardrobe. At the very least, tuck them away and save them for the occasional rock show. Trying to wear them to work or to a bar can end up as one of the worst fashion mistakes. They’re not even that comfortable in the first place.

Over-Accessorizing with Jewelry

Over Accessorizing

One of easiest ways to push your look into tacky territory is by layering too many jewels. Whether it’s loud bracelets that are a distraction for everyone around you or multiple necklaces, that form an armor plating on your chest, lose this look. Stick to a single piece of jewelry on each area and make it count: one chunky bracelet or big necklace always look better than a lot of smaller ones.

Fancy Tracksuits

Sweatpants and sweatshirts belong in the gym, and there isn’t a single way to properly dress them up. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that fabrics or embellishments can upgrade a tracksuit to the status of appropriate workplace attire. Replace them with khakis and sweaters in soft fabrics and you’ll get the comfort you want while avoiding one of the worst fashion mistakes.



Probably the only time to wear scrunchies is when you’re cleaning up and you can’t be bother to go look for an actual hair accessory. Unless you’re a cheedleader, forget the scrunchies and stick to… literally any other hair accessory, from bobby pins to headbands. They all look better and are easily more fashionable than this outdated accessory.

Over-Dosing on Animal Print

One animal print item of clothing is enough! You might be able to pull off two if one is very toned down (basically a neutral), but going for 3 or more is one of the worst fashion mistakes. A statement piece in animal print is usually an accessory, but if you go for a top or bottom, stop there and keep the rest of your outfit free of any wild inspirations.


Ghetto Style

Created as utilitarian footwear for added warmth, Uggs have already went down in fashion history as one of the ugliest trends and as one of the most annoying ones that truly overstayed its welcome. You can’t work Uggs into a fashion forward outfit because they’re basically slippers. If you like your fashion cruelty-free, then you definitely need to lose the sheepskin. Stick to faux leather for a better look.

Mixing Logos

Red Bottoms And Louis Vuitton

Wearing visible logos can range from horribly tacky to fashionable and luxe, but one thing is certain: mixing them up is never a good idea. Logos are useless enough on their own, but if they’re prints and you match different ones, you’re committing one of the worst fashion mistakes. Stick to one visible brand per look.

Gucci Gucci Kreyshawn

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