When you want to look your best at a wedding, it’s important to respect the wishes of the bride and groom, but there’s more to the right look than just sticking to the dress code. Whether it’s a beach or a country club wedding, the basics of what not to wear are similar.

Discover some of the most common wedding guest style mistakes, and make sure you’re not making them yourself. By avoiding these wedding fashion faux pas, you’re guaranteed a suitable look for the ceremony and reception.

Wearing White

Unless the wedding invitation specifically notes that white is allowed or even recommended, it should never be among your choices for the right wedding look. More and more celebrity brides are using white for the bridesmaid dresses, but you don’t want to match the brides or the bridesmaids by choosing the same color. Off white is skirting the line, so the father it is from immaculate white, the better.

Wedding Guest Wearing White

Choosing a Club Dress

If it’s great for a night of clubbing, it’s probably not a good choice for a wedding reception. One of the biggest wedding guest style mistakes is opting for dressed that are perfect for a girls night out, but not so suitable for a reception, even if it’s an informal one.

Too Tight Wedding Guest

Going Too Tight

There’s a fine line between a sexy wedding look and a trashy one. Avoid dresses that are simply too tight. They’re not just disrespectful to the occasion, they can also be unpleasant to wear all night long, particularly if you plan on dancing a lot. Anything that’s too tight is more suitable for clubbing, not for a wedding.

Colorful Prints Wedding Guest

Wearing Loud Prints

One of the biggest wedding guest style mistakes is trying to wear the most attention-grabbing thing you can find. Loud prints and all over sequin dresses are not a great choice. If it looks like a prom dress or an ice skating outfit, go for something with more understated elegance. You should also make sure that you’re not over-accessorizing. Too much bling can be a bad thing.

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Too Sexy Wedding Guest

Going for Short Hemlines

Even if you plan on meeting other single people and hooking up, you shouldn’t choose a mini-dress for a wedding. A dress that’s simply too short is not suitable for this occasion, and the bride and groom might feel disrespected by your choice, since it’s a lot more about what you want than about their special day.

Wedding Guest Style

Leaving Your Bra at Home

Going braless is not a good idea for a wedding. Pairing that choice with a plunging neckline is even worse, one of the biggest wedding guest style mistakes. Drawing too much attention to your décolletage is the same as wearing a dress that’s too short or opting for white. Plus, even the best tape won’t withstand hours of dancing, so your dress could end up showing more than you bargained for.

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Wedding Guest Shoes

Wearing the Wrong Shoes

High heels might feel like the best choice for an elegant dress, but make sure that you’re actually wearing shoes that will be comfortable for both standing a lot and dancing a lot. If you’re headed for a beach wedding, then they’re absolutely the wrong choice. Instead, opt for wedges or even flats. Garden weddings are also less than stiletto-friendly.

Crop Top Wedding Style

Rocking a Crop Top

It’s a trendy look that’s been showing up on the red carpet as well, but crop tops are still not fit for most weddings. Wearing anything that shows off your belly button is one of the worst wedding guest style mistakes. You might get away with a dress with midriff cutouts, as long as it’s elegant and simple, but it’s also veering too close to an outfit that’s for clubbing, not for even the most casual of weddings.

Bra Showing Wedding Guest

Showing Your Bra in a Backless Dress

Since skipping the bra isn’t really something appropriate for weddings, most backless dresses are also a risky choice. Your undergarments should not be visible, and your back is no exception.

Black Dress Wedding Guest

Wearing Black

Going for an all black look can also be one of the worst wedding guest style mistakes. The key to pulling off a black dress, if you think it’s the perfect choices, is making sure that you’re adding a bit of color to your look with your accessories and shoes.

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