Updating your style every season is a given, but you should also know that some changes git every decade for a stylish look. Fashion guru Tim Gunn has shared 6 things you shouldn’t wear after 40, but there are also 4 more than need your attention.

Staying trendy and youthful doesn’t mean you can dress just like a 20 year old. You can still celebrate your style by improving it with age. Here are the things that you definitely need to drop from your wardrobe in your 40s.

Horizontal Stripes

One of the more controversial Tim Gunn picks, horizontal stripes can definitely make your body look wider, but it’s all about the specifics. Going for much narrower stripes in a good idea if you’re looking for a flattering look. 

Horizontal Stripe Dress

Any big stripes in contrasting colors should leave your closet. If you love stripes, stick to very thing horizontal ones and any type of vertical ones.

Jackets that Hit at Mid-Thigh

Jackets That Hit At Mid Thigh

Definitely one of the things you shouldn’t wear after 40, according to “Project Runway” mentor and “Under the Gunn” star Tim Gunn, jackets that hit at mid-thigh are much less stylish in your 40s than in your 20s or 30s. Even if you have killer legs, forget about this look. If anything, it will only make you look desperate to appear younger.

Pleated Pants

Pleated Pant

Not even the most subtle pleating is a good idea on your pants once you’re in your 40s. Say goodbye to pleats and focus on good tailoring and simple lines when it comes to your pants. A slim fit with no pleats is a much better choice, and they’ll also compliment your style better, whether you prefer to go trendy or timeless.

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Double-Breasted Blazers

Double Breasted Blazer

Everyone has difficulty when trying to create a flawless look with a double-breasted blazer, but it’s definitely one of the things you shouldn’t wear after 40. Even if it’s on a well tailored item, it will age you, so try to avoid it, especially on blazers, but also on heavy winter coats.

Capri-Length Pants

Capri Length Pants

Mid-calf is one length that has no place in your wardrobe once you’re in your 40s, according to style guru Tim Gunn. While skirts still work around the knee or mid-calf, capri pants should definitely not be a part of your fashion choices. They’re not that flattering and their youthfulness comes across as trying too hard.

Low-Rise Jeans

Low Rise Jeans

While you don’t have to stick to mom jeans, low-rise denim is definitely one of the things you shouldn’t wear after 40. It can come off as trashy even for women in their 20s, so you’re better off without them. Make sure you get the right fit on your jeans, and go as skinny as you like, but forget about the low-rise part, according to Tim Gunn.

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Mini Skirts or Short Shorts

Mini Skirt

The perfect length of skirts for women in their 40s is around the knee, either above or slightly under. Mini skirts are definitely a bad choice and short shorts are a good fit only at the beach. A particularly bad combination is a mini skirt worn with ugg boots. If the weather is so hot that you absolutely need a mini skirt, you don’t need the uggs. Show off your toned legs at the beach, not in the city.

Crop Tops

Crop Top

Do you have abs you’re proud of? That’s great, but they shouldn’t be seen unless you’re lounging by the pool. Crop tops are one of the things you shouldn’t wear after 40, since they never truly deliver the youthful vibe you’re going for. Dresses with cut outs are also problematic if they expose your midriff, but sheer panels are still cool after 40.

Ripped Denim

Ripped Jeans

It doesn’t matter if you see ripped jeans on the cover of Vogue magazine. As trendy as they are, they’re not really age appropriate. Focusing on a good fit is always more important than ripped denim. If you wear distressed jeans that also give you a muffin top, you’re making yourself look even older.

Tube Tops

Tube Top

They squeeze your breasts and create a very unflattering silhouette. Tube tops don’t even look that great on teens, but they’re definitely one of the things you shouldn’t wear after 40. Even if you find the right strapless bra that’s giving you the support you need, take a look at the sides of your torso and your arms. Even toned arms can look a little flabby when you’re wearing a tube top, so take it out of your closet for good.