Short of actually getting sweat proof clothing, you won’t be able to fix the problem 100%, but when you’re dealing with excessive sweating and sweat stains on your favorite clothes, there are quite a few things that can help.

Find out how to keep your style stain free, starting with your deodorant and ending with what types of clothing hide the problem best. Take on sweat stains and you’ll definitely feel a lot better once you try these simple solutions to the issue.

Rethink Your Deodorant Application

The biggest reasons for sweat stains have to do with the way you use deodorant. Sweat won’t stain your clothes by itself, but mixed with antiperspirants it can get pretty ugly. The first thing you need to do is apply less of it. 

A huge mistake is putting your clothes on while your underarms aren’t completely dry. Be patient and wait for them to dry before you put on your favorite blouse or any top or dress that you want to keep free of sweat stains.

Prevent Sweat Stains

Pick the Right Fabrics

While it would be great to have stylish moisture wicking clothes, those two concepts are pretty much incompatible. That means that you should stick to natural fabrics for the hottest months of the year. That means cotton and linen. Unfortunately silk is very prone to sweat stains. Keep synthetic fabrics for your athletic wear, polyester might be close to sweat proof clothing, but it’s also very likely to overheat you.

Choose the Right Colors

The best colors for keeping your comfortable in heat, light shades, are also usually the ones that show sweat stains the most. If you sweat excessively, you’re less likely to show it in darker colors. Stay away from black, but try navy, brown and other dark colors that generally show sweat stains less. While you can’t really test fabrics in a store by getting them wet, you can certainly do it at home, before you decide what to wear on a hot day.

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Pick the Right Summer Outfits

Some of the things that can help you get close to sweat proof clothing for the summer include low arm holes and tops or dresses with cut-outs. Keep your style stain free by avoiding very fitted clothing that will definitely get you hot and sweaty is also important. If you do want fitted tops or dresses, try picking fabrics with busy prints, they’re better at hiding sweat stains than solid colors.

Say No to Big Headgear

Keeping your head covered with something heavy is the surest way to overheat. Of course, you can’t give up hats completely if you’ll be out in the sun, whether or not you wear sunscreen. But when you don’t actually need to wear a hat, headband or any other kind of headgear, style your hair in an updo or ponytail and enjoy the breeze.

Rethink Blazers and Jackets

Sometimes the way to achieve sweat proof clothing is to simply avoid too much fabric around your armpits. If you have to wear a blazer or a jacket, don’t put it on, you’ll definitely have to deal with sweat stains if you’re already feeling hot. Instead, throw it over your shoulder and enjoy your style stain free.

Make Sure Your Shoes Aren’t Heating You Up Too

While you can’t wear flip-flops to the office, open toe sandals let your feet breathe and can also prevent overheating. For a more casual look, go for canvas sneakers.

No Sweat Fashion Tips

Check Labels Before You Buy

Once you’ve got the deodorant situation under control, you might try wearing dry clean only clothes. However, if you’re still figuring out how to keep your style stain free, it might be a good idea to avoid items that can’t be easily washed and dried.

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Be Careful About What You Drink and Eat

Until clothing manufacturers manage to come up with sweat proof clothing that also looks great, you should also probably take a look at what you eat and drink on warm days. Stay away from hot meals and beverages, and definitely avoid spicy foods and too much caffeine.

Consider Sweat Block Pads

Underarm protective shields are often a last resort and most products are aimed at men. However, if you’ve tried everything else and you still can’t get anywhere close to sweat proof clothing, you might want to give them a try in order to prevent ugly sweat stains.