Comfort is important, but you might be hijacking your summer style by making it the only priority. Whether you’re going to work or to the beach, some fashion mistakes can threaten your look in the summer months.

Check out some of the worst summer fashion mistakes that plenty of women continue to make. Just because you’re not wearing sandals with socks doesn’t mean you can do no wrong with your fashion choices. Here are the big mistakes you should absolutely avoid.

1. Flip-Flops at Work

There are very few places where flip-flop qualify as appropriate attire, the beach, the pool and your backyard being the top ones. However, wearing them to work during the summer is a big no-no. 

Flip Flops To WorkFlip Flops To Work No Baby

If your shoes don’t mostly cover your toes and if they’re not buckled or strapped to your feet in any way, take a pass.

2. Eating in Your Swimsuit

Eating In Your Swimsuit

You’re on holiday and you just want to relax. But that doesn’t mean that eating in your swimsuit is acceptable, unless you’re doing it on a beach chair. Entering any kind of establishment that serves food in your bikini is one of the worst summer fashion mistakes. Even if it’s right by the beach, a little coverage is a must. A sarong is the bare minimum, and it definitely belongs up top, not just around your waist.

3. Too Much Color

Look It Up

There are no style points for sticking to neutrals and muted shades during the summer, but that doesn’t mean that you can just go for every bright color in your closet at a time. Head to toe bright shades can quickly cross the line from fun to tacky. Pair a brightly colored item with a neutral one in a soft light shade to create balance in your looks.

4. Short Shorts

Short Shorts InappropriateWhat The

One of the worst summer fashion mistakes is thinking that short shorts are suddenly appropriate for every look outside of your workplace. Super tight and extra short mini shirts are a similar mistake, unless they’re part of your beach or pool look. Tight short shorts can also contribute to health issues down there, so aim to avoid them.

5. Heavy and Dark Accessories

Take One OffTake All Off

Layering accessories isn’t a great idea either. Sticking to one statement piece that’s not too heavy is definitely the way to go during the warmest months of the year. Make sure that your accessories are in lighter or brighter colors. Even if you get your look right before the accessories, with a more airy and summery vibe, you can undo all of it with the wrong accessories.

6. Self Tanner Stains

Self Tanner Marks Mistakes

If you plan on getting a gorgeous glow without any sun, make sure you avoid one of the worst summer fashion mistakes: ugly stains. It’s bad enough to deal with tanner stains on your own clothes, but if you go too far with the self tanner, you also risk ruining other people’s furniture.

7. Black Purse

Summer Bag Not Black PleaseBlack Bags In The Summer No

While a black clutch with sequins or other decorations works for special occasions, wearing a black purse during the day is a big fashion blunder in the summer. Black leather clashes with the light and airy feel that your wardrobe should have during the summer, but regardless of the fabric, you should stay away from big black accessories during the warmer months of the year.

8. Gym Clothes

Gym Clothes As Regular Clothes

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean that gym clothes qualify as a look unless you’re working out or on your way to the gym. Staying sporty is fine, but one of the worst summer fashion mistakes is turning your gym clothes into a summer look. While gym clothes definitely have the benefit of moisture wicking fabrics, you can also find plenty of cute neoprene dresses that look chic.

9. Smokey Eyes Daytime Looks

Daytime Smokey Eyes No

Unless you’re going for a really subtle metallic smoky effect, going for this look during the day can end up as one of the worst summer fashion mistakes. Give your makeup a more natural and fresh look during the day, and only go for the more dramatic smokey eyes in the evening.