Whether you’re tired of all the underwires and straps or just want to try something, going braless can be quite challenging, regardless of your cup size. From the right cuts to making sure that your nipples don’t make an appearance, there are plenty of obstacles to looking your best.

Once you’ve settled on the occasion, which should never be in a professional setting, try some of the best style tips for going braless in order to keep your style flawless. Here’s what you need to know about going braless.

Curb Your Expectations

If you were blessed with large breasts, you probably won’t be able to pull off most looks without a bra. It’s important to stay realistic about your style when you lose the bra. Whether it’s fair or not, women with A-cups and B-cups have it much easier. If you’re bigger than a C-cup, you might find that you just can’t meet your style standards without the right support.

Kim Kardashian Braless Look Fail

Choose the Right Fabrics

You have to pay special attention to your choice of fabrics when you decide to skip the bra. One of the best style tips for going braless is to avoid any smooth and light-weight fabrics, like silk, satin or rayon, particularly if they’re in solid colors. There’s no way your nipples won’t show up, and even if you wear pasties, these fabrics will pucker in an unflattering way. Unless you’re planning to wear something else on top, skip them and go for something thicker.

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Don’t Skip the Nipple Tape

Avoid any accidents by keeping your garments in place with the right kind of double stick tape. You can also double up and wear pasties too, but skipping the tape when you’re wearing a top or dress with a deep neckline is a big mistake.

White Shirt Braless

Pick the Right Colors

White should always be your last option when you’re not wearing a bra. Black and other darker colors will offer better coverage. Whether you’re wearing cotton or thicker fabrics, one of the best style tips for going braless is to make sure that you’re wearing a more intense and dark shade, if there’s even the tiniest chance of getting caught in the rain.

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Choose the Best Garments

Knowing what works and what doesn’t is a must. Empire dresses and other dresses and tops with under-bust support are you best choices, as long as they don’t push your breasts too high up. Halter tops and wrap dresses can also work. If you’d like to wear a shirt, make sure that you pick one without any darts. Tops with breast pockets are another great choices, since they offer more coverage.

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Avoid the Wrong Cuts

Loose-fitting tops and anything with a boat-neck should be avoided, and that’s one of the best style tips for going braless. You should also forget about tube tops, particularly if you’re busty, since they won’t be flattering. Strapless dresses are also a big risk if you have a C-cup.

Use Patterns Wisely

Prints are definitely a good idea when you’re going braless, but any detail at the bust level is welcome, including ruffles. The one type of print you should avoid is horizontal lines, since the last thing you want to do is draw attention to even the slightest hint of unevenness between your breasts. However, more busy prints and patterns can help you create the right look.

Chrissy Teigen Braless Jumpsuit

Cover Up or Under

Sometimes, the easiest way to skip the bra and avoid any concerns about your top is to wear an open jacket or coat over it. Vests are also a good option, but one of the best style tips for going braless is wearing a camisole under a particularly thin top. Boleros also work to give you extra coverage.

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Choose the Right Jewelry

Necklaces that hang low will draw attention away from your breasts, so pay extra attention to the way you accessorize your look. You can also easily layer necklaces for more coverage.

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Improve Your Posture

A big part of looking well dressed is making sure that your posture enhances your clothes. Even with the help of the best style tips for going braless, you should also focus on maintaining the right shoulder, by keeping your back straight and your shoulders back. If you slouch, you’ll only draw more attention to your breasts.