The 40-year old American actor who passed away recently was never a style icon, but he always made a good impression on the red carpet. Paul Walker started modelling at the age of two, moved on to TV work at the age of twelve, and made his big screen debut in 1998. His sense of style isn’t as flashy as some other actors’, but his fashion choices include quite a few style tips every man can learn from Paul Walker.

Described by everyone close to him as a wonderful and modest person, Paul Walker perfected casual looks, but also enjoyed dressing up for parties and red carpet events. While Walker’s looks never elevated him to the status of a fashion icon, the actor also never made the worst-dressed list thanks to his common-sense approach to putting together looks with a touch of flair.

“For the most part, where I choose to spend my time, where I choose to hang out is usually pretty casual places. Casual towns, really. And with the casual kind of attitude, the attire is usually pretty casual. Now with that, I almost hate to say that I like to dress up every once in awhile. But I do. Putting on the suit, putting on nice clothes, it’s like a special occasion. It just kind of spruces things up a little bit. You know, cool girl, cool city dressed up just going out for a night on the town is a lot of fun”, Paul Walker explained in a 2011 Glamour magazine interview.

If you’re looking to expand your casual style into more elegant looks or want to dress up the right way for special occasions, discover the best style tips any man can learn from Paul Walker.

Add Texture to All Black Looks

When you’re wearing a black suit over a black shirt, it’s always a good idea to go for texture or a subtle pattern, for a more sophisticated look. At the 2009 premiere of “Fast & Furious”, Paul Walker and Vin Diesel both wore all black outfits, but Walker showed off the better way to dress in all black.


A Pocket Square Adds Instant Sophistication

One of the best style tips every man can learn from Paul Walker is the proper use of a pocket square. When you’re used to more casual outfits, you can easily make the mistake of matching your pocket square to your shirt a little too well. Choose one with extra texture, like Paul Walker did at the 2005 premiere of “Into the Blue” for a more polished look.


Elegance Is All About the Right Fit

Whether you’re wearing a suit or a going for a smart casual look, your blazer should have the best fit for your body type. Once that’s accomplished, you can even pull off wearing your shirt untucked, like Paul Walker did at the “Fast & Furious” premiere in France.

Let the Silk Shirt Shine

When you’ve decided to wear a silk shirt, make sure you don’t add any other flashy elements to your look. Wearing a silk shirt with a simple suit, like Paul did at the “2 Fast 2 Furious” premiere in 2003, is one of the best style tips every man can learn from Paul Walker.


Accessorize Even the Simplest Looks

The difference between simple and plain is usually just one well-chosen accessory. By adding a great watch to a simple plaid shirt and jeans look, you can bring it to the next level, even if you’re wearing your shirt sleeves rolled up.


Skinny Ties Need Simple Knots

One of the most overlooked style tips every man can learn from Paul Walker is choosing the right necktie knot for the right tie. You can go for a more complex knot, like the Windsor, if you’re wearing a “fatty”, but stick to the four-in-hat knot for your skinny ties.


Keep Your Belt Simple

When it’s visible, the best can set the tone for your entire look, and a decorative belt can often backfire. If you’re into the same casual looks as Paul Walker, keep your belt simple, even a little sporty, when you’re wearing a blazer or a suit.


Don’t Be Afraid to Show Off Your Chest

Probably the best style tip every man can learn from Paul Walker has to do with the proper way to wear a shirt with a suit but without a necktie. Don’t be afraid to unbutton the third button on the shirt when it’s not very low and show a bit of chest for a truly smart and comfortable look.

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