Whether you take pride in how organized your closet is or your bedroom is filled with clothes and accessories, your wardrobe might need a little tweaking to improve your style and save time when choosing your outfits.

Pay attention to the signs your wardrobe needs an overhaul and don’t put it off. If you’re dealing with any of this issues, you should focus on organizing your wardrobe and figuring out what items are a waste of space and what items are missing.

1. You Can’t Find Things to Wear Despite a Full Closet

If choosing something to wear takes you a really long time despite a wardrobe that’s brimming with clothes, you might have a problem. Look into your buying habits and make sure that you’re actually spending more on the things that match your lifestyle and less on things you love or things that are on sale, but that you’ll never wear.

2. You Have More Than 5 Items That Don’t Fit You

One of the clearest signs your wardrobe needs an overhaul is having too much space in your closet filled with items that don’t fit you anymore. Your wardrobe should consists almost entirely of clothes that fit you and that you can actually wear. It’s OK to hang on to a few items for sentimental reasons or because they’re valuable, but they should not be visible when you open your closet.

Change Your Wardrobe

3. You Keep Finding Clothes with the Tags on Them

Stumbling onto one piece of clothing that still has tags on might not be the end of the world, but if it happens more than once, you should take a step back and reorganize your closet. Keeping things you don’t wear until they’re anything but trendy is not a good idea. Set reminders on your smartphone for a couple of days before the return date of every new item and decide if you really want to keep it.

4. You End Up Keeping Your Clean Clothes in the Laundry Basket

If the thought of putting all the clean laundry back in its place is daunting, that’s definitely one of the signs your wardrobe needs an overhaul. Clothes don’t belong in a basket, even if they’re nicely folded, they should always find their way back to your closet as soon as they’re dry.

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5. Your Wardrobe Is Full of Expensive Classic Pieces

Spending more on investment pieces that you can wear for years is not a bad idea, but when your entire wardrobe consists of clothes and accessories that are a decade old, it’s time to rethink your buying habits. It’s OK to buy more trendy pieces every season and mix them with your classic collection.

6. You Have More Than 5 Items That Needs a Small Adjustment

Expecting to find clothes that look perfect on your body right off the shelf is a bit naive. Modifying clothes with the help of a seamstress or a tailor can help you refine your style, but are you actually doing it in a reasonable time frame? One of the biggest signs your wardrobe needs an overhaul is when it’s filled with things that needs a little adjustment that never comes.

7. All Your Jeans Are the Same

It’s great that you know what works for your body type and you only spend money on the most flattering things, but not when that means all your style choices are predictable and boring. If you’ve got more than 5 pairs of jeans that are the exact same cut, it might be time to take a fashion risk or two.

Wardrobe Overhaul

8. Hangers Are Always on Your Shopping List

If you find yourself shopping for hangers every few months, that clearly one of the signs your wardrobe needs an overhaul. You might be buying more than you need and that just makes every choice of outfit harder.

9. You’ve Seen All Your Statement Pieces on TV

With the help of TV fashion blogs, it’s easy to buy the items your favorite characters are wearing, but don’t go too far. Your sense of style should be unique, not just a collection of good looking clothes you’ve seen others wear.

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10. Most of Your Clothes Are Fast Fashion

One of the most subtle signs your wardrobe needs an overhaul is when you’ve filled your closet with fast fashion. If everything is on trend this season, you’ll have to buy a whole new wardrobe next season. Find a balance between cheap fast fashion and quality items that you’ll enjoy wearing for years.