Learning how to fix a button is easy, but sewing has much more to offer, particularly if you invest in a good sewing machine. From saving money and going green to improving your style significantly, there are plenty of good reasons to learn to sew.

If you’re not content with the clothes you find in stores or want to express yourself, sewing can help you find a great outlet for your creativity. Check out these top reasons why you should give sewing a chance as a great hobby.

1. Make Your Wardrobe Look Custom Made

Unless you have the proportions of a runway models, most clothes won’t look perfect on you. By learning a few sewing techniques, you’ll be able to make small alterations and get the perfect fit. Instead of trusting someone else to tailor your clothes just right, you’ll only need help with a few measurements, and then you’re set to go in making your clothes look like they were custom made for your body.

2. Become a More Discerning Buyer

One of the best reasons to learn to sew is the fact that you’ll be able to understand when a garment is well made. Once you get the basics of fabric and construction, you’ll be able to easily see when the clothes you’re thinking of buying are built to last or just fast fashion that will only last for a few months. By choosing well made clothing, you’ll also get a more expensive look.

3. Express Yourself Creatively

If you’ve ever dreamed of the perfect dress, you’ll get closer than ever to executing it yourself. Once you develop the skills to realize your vision, you’ll have one great way to express yourself and be creative, while also making a fashion statement with your own creations.

Benefits Of Knowing How To Sew

4. Save Money

Whether you decide to just do alterations or make your own clothes from scratch, one of the best reasons to learn to sew is the fact that you’ll save a lot of money. The biggest money saver would be making clothes for kids. If you’re passionate about it, you can also use your skills to use textiles in interior design.

5. Be Green

If you’re environmentally conscious, sewing will also help you keep your lifestyle green. Repurposing fabric and upcycling clothes is definitely good for the environment, and sewing at home means reducing your carbon foot print, as opposed to buying industrially produced clothes. Since you’re also in charge of the fabric selection, you’ll find it more easier to avoid synthetic dyes that could be potentially toxic.

6. Create a Unique Look

If you hate seeing other women wearing the same tops, skirts or dresses as you, being in control of your style is one of the most important reasons to learn to sew. By designing your own clothes, you’ll be able to avoid the embarrassing moment of realizing you’re wearing the same thing as someone else.

7. Fix Style Emergencies

You’ll be very happy you know how to sew when something goes wrong at the last moment before you’re supposed to be leaving the house looking your best. Whether it’s changing a zipper or quickly sewing a ripped seam, these skills can come in handy when a style emergency happens at the worst time.

Why Should You Learn To Sew

8. Extend the Life of Your Favorite Clothes

By mending and making alterations to some of your most cherished clothes, you’ll be able to enjoy them for longer. Even if you can’t save a particular garment, one of the best reasons to learn to sew is the fact that you’ll be able to reinvent it and still keep it a part of your style in a new form.

9. Become Your Own Interior Decorator

Making pillow covers and curtains is the best way you could use your sewing skills to improve the look of your home. Find the perfect fabrics and give your room a makeover regularly. You’ll only work on your curtains and throw pillows for a few hours, but you’ll get the enjoy them for a lot longer.

10. Feel Good About Your Accomplishments

Even if you only create simple things from scratch, like shopping bags and pillows, you’ll still have a sense of accomplishment. Having a hobby that relieves stress while also making you proud of what you achieved and show it off to others is definitely one of the most important reasons to learn to sew.