If you’re a well seasoned online shopper you know that if something’s too good to be true it probably isn’t, and if you throw a sketchy Chinese web shop into the mix, you’ll end up with a cheap knockoff nightmare. 

Any time you’re tempted by some really good bargains or a really cute dress on Instagram, think about these poor women who bought into false advertising and ended up with cheap knockoffs from China. 

What’s even worse, it’s almost impossible to return the products or get a full refund. Check out these online shopping disasters that are both sad and hilarious!

1. Hey, at least you’ve got some cute and kinky fishing waders.

Online Shopping Latex Stockings

2. When you’re in a leaky situation, but ‘thank God!’ your wedding gown comes with nursing pads.

Instagram Shopping Fail

3. It’s OK to say ‘No’ to this dress.

Wedding Gown Shopping Fail

4. They ran out of blush silk chiffon, sooo…

Prom Dress Fail

5. This titty cage bra ain’t breakout proof. 

Swimsuit Shopping Fail

6. If you squint really hard they kinda look the same…

Prom Dress Shopping Fail

7. Fairy tale? More like Tales from the Crypt.

Knockoff Gown Shopping Fail

8. Original designers of the dress from fashion label Azzaro have already apologized and resigned, promising never to design clothes ever again.

See Through Dress Shopping Fail

9. Consider it a good thing that you didn’t got the pair from the photo and you had to return them.

Jeans Shopping Fail

10. This is not a prom dress fail! Just look at her face, she’s very happy with the dress.

Red Gown Fail

11. Floral don’t. 

Online Dress Fail 

12. Bang for your buck: it’s a very stylish, wearable bohemian mosquito net.

Online Fashion Shopping Disaster

13. When Gucci isn’t really in your price range, but you still want to look good.

Knockoff Gucci Dress

14. What about those really cute Instagram clothes?

Instagram Online Shopping Fail

15. Yep.

Bathing Suit Online Shopping Fail