You don’t need excuses to bring out the ‘big guns’ in your wardrobe, but if you do, than New Year’s Eve is definitely the occasion to put on your best outfit. Because putting on the right outfit can make a huge difference, we have put together some of the best dress choices you can make for the much awaited event. The latest party dresses come in a wide array of shapes and styles that suit women with different body types and personalities. The best dresses for New Year’s are the ones that make you feel and look good, but which are also up-to-date with the latest trends. With these in mind, there is nothing left to do but to raid your favorite stores and even your closet as you never know what you have laying around that might suit you perfectly.

Sequin Party Dresses

New Years Party Dresses Glitter Sequin

Blaque Label Silver Sequin Dress $92.00iconBlaque Label Blue Sequin Dress $86.00iconBlaque Market Cover Girl Dress in Gold $80.00iconSequin dresses are super popular this year as they are all about glamor and the best thing about glitter is that it can definitely take you out of the crowd although the design of the dress is kept simple. Dresses that feature heavy sequins or eye catching embellishments are super popular and they can be found featuring various patterns, meaning you can definitely find one that suits your personality. Emerald, royal blue, black, gold, white as well as purple, red and nude are super popular colors to go for this New Year’s Eve, so pick the colored sequin dress that suits your style best.

One-Shoulder Dresses

New Years Party One Shoulder Dresses

House of Dereon Asymmetrical Dress $29.96iconBlaque Market The Longoria Dress $60.00iconBlaque Market The Beta Dress $49.00iconThe one shoulder dress is the perfect option for women with gorgeous shoulders, who what to show a little bit of skin but not too much. Whether short or long, the one shoulder dress accentuates the upper body area, drawing more attention to it.

Form-Fitting Dresses

New Years Party Dresses

Reiss Venus Dress $171.00iconMcQ Alexander McQueen Fitted Dress €203iconGivenchy Embellished Dress €251iconThe form fitting dress is definitely a dress to consider if you have a great body and want to show it off. This type of dress moulds after the body’s feminine forms and attracts a generous amount of attention. Choose a form fitting dress that is not too short as this way you’ll reveal way too much, so try to keep the dress just over or above the knees.

A-Line Party Dresses

A Line Party Dresses New Years Eve

Reiss Myla Dress $180.00iconReiss Naomi A Line Dress $300.00iconIssa Fitted Flare Dress €398iconThe A-line dress is a silhouette that suits various body types, so if you want to look fabulous, this dress can be the perfect option for you. This dress has been designed to accentuate the waist creating a very elegant look, a classic look that is perfect for various occasions. Another plus when it comes to the A-line dress is its comfort, as it’s not meant to hug the body tightly.

Flapper Dresses

New Years Party Flapper Dresses

Yumi Beaded Fringe Dress €69,00iconHotel Particulier Fringe Dress €275iconBea Yuk Mui Retro Lace Dress $125.00icon The vintage dress is definitely a great dress design to consider as vintage has been the buzzword this year. Whether you opt for a roaring 20s dress design featuring stylish fringes that create that flirty movement that catches the eye or you opt for a cool ’80s style dress that emphasize your curves, you’ll look fabulous.

Maxi Dresses

New Years Party Maxi Dresses

Blaque Label Sweetheart Chiffon Dress $120.00iconStyle Stalker The Wild Side Dress $199.00icon*NYC Boutique The Bigger Bang Dress $35.95iconChiffon maxi dresses look amazing and have a certain romantic allure that makes them ooze femininity and style. Maxis can be bold or kept to the minimum depending on your personal taste but if you love long, flowing fabrics, don’t hesitate to give these pretty dresses a try!