Unflattering trends pop up each year, but some inexplicably return cyclically, despite being the wrong choice for most body types. Take a look at some of the most unflattering clothes, that you definitely should let go.

From ponchos to risky dresses that few women can actually pull off, and sometimes just from certain angles, find out which clothes you’re better off staying away from, because they’re almost universally unflattering.


Whether you’re sipping margaritas in Cancun or traveling across Iceland, ponchos are always a bad idea. They’re simply unflattering on most women, because the main effect they achieve is making your upper body seem wider. 

Ponchos Unflattering Clothes

Whether you’re pear shaped or slim and athletic, ponchos don’t help with your body’s proportions at all, and even supermodels can look bad while wearing one.

Drop Crotch Pants

Unflattering Drop Crotch Pants

Definitely among the most unflattering clothes, drop crotch pants are generally awful, but they’re even worse when they also feature skinny elements! Your butt will get completely lost in the fabric, and skinny legs aren’t a good thing when tufts of fabrics are hanging around well below your crutch. No matter how trendy they get, they’ll never be flattering on any body type.

Knitted Boleros

Unflattering Knitted Bolero

While ponchos hide most of your upper body, knitted boleros can also mess with proportions in a less than ideal way. Knitted boleros can make your arms seem bulkier, and they can also create weird proportions around your bustline. Similar knitted shrugs that are tied right below your bust are rarely flattering and the color choice can also be problematic.

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Shiny Leggings

Unflattering Shiny Leggings

Whether you’re a fan of legging or not, you have to admit that the shiny variety are among the most unflattering clothes. The way they reflect light almost invariably makes your legs look thicker, which is rarely a good look. If your shinny leggings are knee length or 3/4ths, that’s another reason to throw them out and never look back. They make your hips look wider and your lower legs skinnier.

Ruffle Dresses

Unflattering Ruffle Dress

The placement of ruffles can create many problems, but as long as the proportions are right, you’ll be able to pull off most dresses with ruffles. The huge problem with ruffle dresses is that ruffles under your bustline will make your midriff look much thicker and wider. Avoid ruffles in the abdominal area at all costs, unless you want to look like you’re expecting.

Velvet Tops

Unflattering Velvet Top

Definitely among the most unflattering clothes you could wear, velvet tops create the same effect as shiny leggings, making your upper body look wider, and the thickness of the fabric doesn’t help at all. Keep the velvet for sofas and drapes, and don’t let it into your closet, unless you want to look like you’re trying way too hard to be the center of attention.

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Long Jean Shorts

Long Jean Shorts

Keep your denim in two lengths, regular jeans and short shorts. If you want to go with the middle ground, you’ll only end up with a disappointing look. Whether your long jeans shorts go above the knee or right under it, whether they’re cuffed or fringed, they won’t earn you any style points. Long jean shorts made from skinny jeans are the worst offenders.

Cut Out Dresses

Unflattering Cut Out Dresses

Some cut out dresses definitely belong among the most unflattering clothes, but it’s all up to you to choose what works for you and what doesn’t. A general rule of thumb is to avoid cut outs in the sleeves, especially if they’re a tight fit, unless you want to see how muffin tops can show up on your arms. The midriff is another delicate area when it comes to cut outs, so make sure that the missing sections actually fit your body’s proportions.

Tops with Half Sleeves

Unflattering Half Sleeve Top

Neither here nor there, tops with half sleeves don’t allow you to show off your toned arms. Instead, they can sometimes manage to make even skinny arms look a bit chunky. They only work if they end right at the narrowest point of your waist, an area where you’d want to draw the eye towards.

Bell Bottom Jeans

Unflattering Bell Bottom Jeans

Definitely one of the most unflattering clothes, bell bottom jeans or pants get worse proportionally to how flared they are. A little can go a long way in making pants look more flattering, but when you’re going for bell bottoms, you’re losing the effect.