A great timeless accessory or piece of clothing can make you look fabulous. And if you’ve already inspected your mother’s closet and stolen chic, classic items, it means you’ll most definitely enjoy these great vintage style blogs!

Vintage Fashion Blog: Diary of a Vintage Girl

This is a great vintage fashion blog run by Fleur de Guerre. This lovely vintage style fashion blogger is an event manager, passionate about fashion, sports and a healthy lifestyle. So, if you share Fleur’s passion for vintage outfits, you should definitely take a look at Diary of a Vintage Girl to get inspired by her style choices and enjoy her motivational posts. 

Vintage Style Fashion Blog: Strawberry Koi

Strawberry Koi Blog

Here’s another beautiful vintage style fashion blog: Strawberry Koi. Originally dedicated solely to fashion, it soon became a beautiful mixture of style and photography, with a great emphasis on vintage fashion. But who are the people behind this inspirational vintage fashion blog? Well, meet Aya and Thomas Smith, the creative minds behind this cool blog.

Great Vintage Style Fashion Blogs: Fabulous Girls Wear Vintage

Fabulous Girls Wear Vintage

What would you say about buying a chic and ageless dress created by a famous fashion designer that’s not that pricey? It sounds great, right? You should certainly check out one of the best vintage style fashion blogs: Fabulous Girls Wear Vintage. You’ll be fascinated with the dresses and clothes combinations presented here. Be careful though: it’s addictive!

Vintage Style Blogger: Keiko Lynn

Keiko Lynn Blog

Keiko Lynn is the master mind behind the vintage fashion blog, Keiko Lynn. The 28-year old blogger describes herself as having a liberal heart and mind. Keiko lives in Brooklyn where she handles her fashion line called Postlapsaria. You’ll love how she mixes vintage pieces with statement necklaces and bracelets and you’ll fall in love with her makeup tutorials.

Inspirational Vintage Fashion Blog: Vixen Vintage

Vixen Vintage Blog

Welcome to Solanah’s blog, Vixen Vintage. This talented vintage fashion blogger lives in Washington with her husband and their two kittens, Coco and Hobbes. This blog offers you the chance to travel back in time and see how women used to dress back in the day. Are you curious to find out more? Then you should definitely check it out. You’ll be fascinated with Solanah’s beautiful pictures and great fashion sense.

Vintage Fashion Bloggers: Scathingly Brilliant

Scathingly Brilliant Blog

One of the best vintage fashion bloggers is Kate Gabrielle. The owner of Scathingly Brilliant is a small business owner, full time illustrator and a proud cat person. She says she loves vintage fashion and classic films. Plus, she pairs beautifully vintage pieces of clothing with colorful items that make her stand out. Adorable choices, indeed!

Vintage Fashion Blogs: Miss Pandora

Miss Pandora Blog

Fashion wouldn’t be the same without the French savor. Just look at Louise Ebel’s avant-garde vintage fashion blog, Miss Pandora. The 24-year old Parisian blogger is fully dedicated to her blog, Miss Pandora, and she loves writing for Marie Claire Japan. That being said, what would you say about getting a bit of inspiration from her fashionable outfits and finding out what are the newest books launched, as well as the best art galleries in the city?

Inspiring Vintage Fashion Bloggers: Hannah Hayes

Hanna Hayes Blog

Hannah Hayes is one of the most inspiring vintage fashion bloggers out there. The owner of Hanna Hayes is a lovely British girl that loves visiting fancy old houses and attends car boot sales. One of the best things about her vintage fashion blog is that she takes this approach to a whole new level, as she beautifully combines classic and new trends.

Great Vintage Style Blog: Miss Lindsay Lane

Miss Lindsay Lane Blog

Lindsay Lane is proud to introduce you into the beautiful world of her great vintage style fashion blog, Miss Lindsay Lane. Visit her blog and get inspired by her passion for the 1930s and 1940s. Enjoy her unique vintage style and choose your favorite classic outfits!

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