Does a pair of over the knee socks can look sexy and feminine? Well, despite the fact that this might seem rather impossible, when choosing a flattering pair, but also finding the best ways to match them, you can make amazing and stylish combinations. Therefore, you can look feminine and sexy, yet feel comfortable and warm during colder days. You will not regret after investing in a pair of woolen over the knee socks, especially if you want something unique and special, even on a windy fall morning.

If in the past socks were seen more as the perfect winter accessory that protected your feet against the cruel cold outside, in time, they started to be omnipresent on the fashion runways. For fall/winter 2010-2011, over the knee socks highly influenced the trends with bolder and unexpected combinations.

Their length has to be chosen based on your outfit, your silhouette, and the thickness of your legs. Therefore, you can choose the ones that reach just a bit over the knee or even higher. Either way, make sure they flatter your body shape and complement the overall look. If you pick the higher versions, keep in mind that the shorts or the skirt has to be short enough so that the socks to be visible entirely.

As winter days require maximum protection against wind and snow, one important thing to consider when choosing your over the knee socks is the fabric as they need to keep you warm. Wool and cashmere are the safest options, while cotton could be a variant as long as you search for opaque ones in plain colors, such as beige, black, or gray. Usually, this type of socks should be chosen in colors that reflect a rather severe look especially when having to maintain the balance of a colorful outfit, and this is why you can rarely find them with different prints or patterns.

Still, how can over the knee socks be worn during fall and winter? In fact, possibilities seem to be unlimited. For example, matched with leather or denim shorts, or with a short dress, you’ll get a sexy, yet cosy look in an instant. For an effortless urban look, team them with a tunic, a longer cardigan or a trendy parka, higher boots, and you can take tights if the weather isn’t that friendly. This way you’ll not only feel warm, but playing with volumes and lengths can hide thicker legs. As for the shoes, you can go for loafers, derbies, suede shearling wedges, or lace up boots. Try to stay away from thin heels as you risk to obtain a more vulgar appearance.

Over the knee socks represent one of the best choices in matters of accessories when it comes to a chic, preppy style. Go for a pair of socks in a plain color, such as navy blue, beige, dark red or green, and wear them with ballerina flats, loafers or patent leather derby shoes. Match them with a pleated skirt, a blouse, a woolen cardigan or a blazer. The best way to complete this outfit is to take a cape or a trench coat. Besides, as we all know, a headband is a must-have for a preppy approach and will flawlessly finish the overall look, adding elegance and sophistication.

One amazing thing about the over the knee socks is that they are really sweet and romantic despite their rather tough appearance. They work great when paired with feminine short skirts, even high-waisted and blouses with cute bows, and boots. Try one trendy combination that you can adapt to different situations by mixing socks, short floral printed skirt, blouse or t-shirt, and a cardigan. For a rock style, go for a leather mini skirt.