Pocket square holds are stylish accessories that can bring your look to a whole new level when chosen correctly for your suit and folding style. Find out how to fold a pocket square for any occasion.

Presidential Pocket Fold

Well known as the straight fold, this is the simplest way to fold a pocket square, with a great look for formal attire. Simply fold the pocket square in half, then fold one side up, depending on the depth of your pocket, leaving 1/4 inch visible. Try it with a monochrome or subtle pocket square, like the Armani Collezioni Pocket Square (Saks).

One Point Fold

Also called the one tip up fold, this is a very versatile style. Fold one corner to get two overlapping triangles, then fold each of the sides over it. Give it a shot with a simple monochrome pocket square like the Turnbull & Asser Contrast Trim Pocket Square (Bloomingdale’s).

How to Fold a Pocket Square

Two Point Pocket Fold

A two point fold or two tips up is a more stylish option for pocket square folds, suited more for a smart casual suit than for formal attire. Fold one side of the pocket square to get to triangles that overlap, but not completely, with one tip higher than the other. Fold the sides over it and you’re done. Use this type of pocket square fold with a more ornate accessory, like the Salvatore Ferragamo Micro Linked Gancini Pocket Square (Bloomingdale’s).

Three Point Fold

Suited both to formal and more casual attire, the three point fold or crown fold starts out the same way, with two triangles that partially overlap. Instead of folding both sides downward, fold one upwards to create the three tips up look and finish with the other side. Try the Forzieri Dark Green Silk Pocket Square for the most stylish look.

How to Fold a Pocket Square

Four Point Fold

A great option for casual blazers, the four point fold or four mountains is creating by pinching the center of the pocket square and lifting it up. Fold the top part and you get 4 tips on the lower part. Give it a try with a monochromatic pocket square or a trendier option like the Polo Ralph Lauren Silk Pocket Square (Saks).

Puff Fold

The puff fold is created the same way as the four point fold, except you don’t need well defined tips and you can get a messier look. Use it for patterned pocket squares like the Etro Blue/Mandarin Patterned Silk Pocket Square (StyleBop).

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