White denim can certainly be a lot less forgiving than darker colors, but that doesn’t mean only size 0 models can pull it off. Find out how to wear white jeans regardless of your body type, and how to make them a stylish part of your look.

With the right style tips, you’ll have no trouble in finding the most flattering pair, but remember that white jeans are an “all of nothing” affair. Off white jeans may look just as cute, but they certainly don’t have the visual appeal of pristine white denim.

White Jeans for an Hourglass Figure

If you’ve got an hourglass figure, you need to be extra careful when it comes to the fit at your waist. Jeans with a contoured waistband won’t create a gap at the waist and since white is less forgiving, this is very important. 

White Jeans For Hourglass Figure

Straight-leg jeans are also flattering, while wide-leg styles are not a good choice. Pair them with a fitted top to show off your curves in the best way.

White Jeans for a Straight Figure

If you’re wondering how to wear white jeans when you don’t have that many curves, it’s all about going for skinny and finding the right design details. Make sure that you’re getting a trim fit and find a pair with detailing on the back pockets to create the illusion of volume. While you can also pull off a bit of flare, avoid bell bottom jeans.

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White Jeans for Full Hips and Thighs

When you’re looking for flattering white jeans on a more bottom heavy figure, the contoured waistband is an absolutely must. The higher rise in the back will keep you comfortable knowing that you won’t have any accidents when you bend down. Make sure that you skip white jeans with tapered legs, since that style will only draw attention to your hips.

White Jeans With Jacket And Sneakers

White Jeans for a Visible Tummy

The answer to the question of how to wear white jeans when you have a bit of a tummy isn’t as complicated as you might think. You simply need to find a pair with a high rise stretchy waistband and skip any bold belts that draw attention to your midriff. Pair them with an empire-waist top and you’ve got a flattering look for summer.

White Jeans for Petite Women

A high rise is not an option for women 5’2 and under. Instead, you’ll need a good fit, with as much tapering as you feel is right for your frame. The most important thing to look for is a low or mid-rise pair of jeans, high waisted jeans are a mistake, and you should also pair them with white shoes in order to make your legs look longer.

White Jeans Casual Outffit

Pairing White Jeans with Prints

Wondering how to wear white jeans for a stylish look shouldn’t take you long, since they can be used to create gorgeous monochromatic looks, trendy black and white ensembles, and you can even pair them with your most colorful prints. A sophisticated printed top is the perfect way to dress them up, so don’t be afraid to experiment with your white jeans.

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Matching Them with White Shoes

If you’re planning on wearing white denim with white shoes, that’s not only a clean and stylish look, but it will also elongate your figure. Just make sure that there’s not too much skin showing, cropped jeans or those that fall a big higher than your ankles won’t have the same effect.

White Flare Jeans Outfit

Dressing Them Up with a Blazer

While white denim is still a summer only thing for many, that doesn’t mean they have to be part of a casual look. One of the best answers to the question of how to wear white jeans is to dress them up by pairing them with a stylish blazer, over a well fitted top.

Using Them to Make Bright Colors Pop

White can make any other color look brighter, but white jeans are an especially good fit for brightly colored tops. Whether it’s lime green or fuchsia, a bright color paired with white denim makes for a bold and graphic look.

White Jeans With Neon Accessories

Keeping Accessories Subtle for an All White Look

The last piece of the how to wear white jeans puzzle, accessories are very important. Make sure they’re not too muted when you’re pairing you white denim with brighter colors, but keep them subtle if you’re going for head to toe white. Go for minimal jewelry and add a pair of black sunglasses for a perfect summer look.