If you’ve always loved tie-dye but avoided it because it was never really on trend, this is your lucky season. Brands from Michael Kors and Alexander Wang to Gucci have been dipping back into the tie-dye look for their most recent resort collection, so don’t be afraid to jump right in this summer.

Find out how to wear tie-dye without going too far, and how to choose the right fabrics and accessories in order to create a fresh and vibrant look without losing your own style in the mix.

Start with an Accessory

If you don’t know how to dip your toe in tie-dye, the easiest way to rock this cool trend is to start with an accessory. Long and flowy tie-dye scarves can be the perfect summer accessory and you won’t feel like tie-dye is taking over your look completely. Another subtle approach is to go for simple tie-dye shoes or backpack, without any intricate patterns.

Tie Dye Accessories

Choose the Right Fabrics

Since the trend is coming up as part of resort collections that include Fausto Puglisi and Frida Giannini, picking the right fabric for tie-dye is crucial. If you’re wondering how to wear tie-dye in style, go for soft summer cottons and stay away from thicker fabrics unless you’re thinking of getting a tie-dye jacket or coat.

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Don’t Match Tie-Dye Separates

You can pull off pairing a tie-dye piece with another printed piece more easily, but going for a full look with matching separates is the very definition of matchy-matchy. Look for a cute summer dress in tie-dye if you want the full print look and don’t try to make two tie-dye separates come together. You might get a cool look, but you might also get a dud.

Accessorize Carefully

If you’re wondering how to wear tie-dye in really bold colors and prints, it might be a good idea to go for accessories that are less busy. Chunky bracelets and simple pieces in one color can help keep your look balanced. Don’t even think of layering multiple necklaces over a tie-dye top, unless you’re specifically going for a very busy look.

Tie Dye Style

Skip Neon Tie-Dye Jeans

Neon tie-dye jeans are still more not than hot, so go for lighter fabrics instead. Whether you decide to get some cool summer shorts or wide-leg pants, stick to soft shades which can instantly date your look in a more flattering way.

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Don’t Be Afraid to Go Subtle

Tie-dye doesn’t have to be bold and in your face. You can find plenty of choices if you want a more subtle approach to the dyeing technique. Keeping contrasts to a minimum is a good call, and tie-dye pieces that mix a solid color with white have been one of the best ways Miu Miu interpreted the trends. There’s no perfect answer to the question of how to wear tie-dye, so go as bold or as subtle as your personal style allows it.

Wear Tie-Dye with a More Intricate Piece

Going for a high fashion look means taking risks, and one that really pays off is mixing tie-dye separates with a more intricate fabric. A lace top with a tie-dye skirt can make for a great fashion statement and if you want to keep rocking the look this fall, pair a tie-dye item with a structured monochrome jacket for a cool look.

Wearing Tie Dye

Don’t Mix Tie Dye with Other Strong Prints

One of the restrictions you really should follow when it comes to tie-dye is to avoid pairing it with another bold print made using different dyeing techniques. While you could pull off a tie-dye jacket over a summer maxi dress with a cute floral print, the end results might be a lot more boho than you want and a lot less chic.

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Try Vintage Tie-Dye

Thrift stores can be an excellent source for cool tie-dye pieces. However, it’s important to avoid any of the trends associated with the ‘90s. Go for a more timeless look with designs that remind you more of the ‘60s and ‘70s than the ‘90s.

Don’t Go Too Far with Neon Shades

If you absolutely love a tie-dye piece in a vibrant neon shade, the answer to how to wear tie-dye is to keep your look simple and don’t mix it with other strong colors. While summer allows for more daring color combinations, tie-dye neons might push your look too far in the wrong direction.

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