While shearling has never really gone away as a fall staple, it’s one of the major trends that you should be rocking this season. Even if you don’t care for the real thing, there are plenty of cozy and stylish faux version of shearling that can add to your style.

Find out how to wear shearling the right way this fall, and get the most out of this trend. Whether you prefer it as a detail for a biker or aviator jacket or as a full look, here’s what you need to know about wearing shearling to maximum effect.

Stick to One Shearling Piece

If you love a shearling collar on your coat, stick to that. If you want a full teddy coat, that also works great with the trend. But the biggest mistake you can make when it comes to wearing shearling, whether it’s real sheepskin or a faux version, is letting it make two appearances in your look. Too much shearling is definitely at the wrong end of the matchy-matchy spectrum.

Shearlin Vest Outfitphoto: Martina McFarlane

Choose the Right Shearling

Before wondering how to wear shearling, it’s important to make sure that the quality matches the price when you’re buying the real thing. Quality shearling doesn’t feel dry and it’s completely crack free, while also being lightweight. However, you can also opt for the intentional glaze effect, that’s equally striking, as long as it’s intentional.

Black Shearling Jacket Outfitphoto: Lena Magda Spot

Go Unexpected with the Iconic Jacket

The easiest way to incorporate a little shearling in your fall wardrobe is with a biker or aviator jacket. However, when you’re going for such an iconic design, you can’t pair it aviator sunglasses, unless you want to look like you just stepped out of the ‘80s. Try something unexpected, like wearing it over a printed maxi dress or a colorful skirt.

Shearling Jacket With Midi Dressphoto: Aimee Song

Try Colored Shearling

If you want to make a statement about only wearing cruelty-free fashion, colored shearling is the right way to go. When you opt for brighter colors, you can pair it with pretty much anything, but be wary of textures that are too similar to it. When you’re looking to wear shearling in a strong color, let it be the statement piece of your look.

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Stay Away from Vests

While they’re certainly trendy, shearling vests can end up making you look bulky. If you do decide you want a shearling vest, you have two options. Sticking its natural color is the more dressy solution, so pair it with neutrals. If you’re going with a brightly colored shearling, go more sporty, but remember that the most flattering vest also highlights your waist.

Shearlgin Bootsphoto: Erika Marie

Go for Shearling Booties

If you’re not really into the trend, the best answer to the question of how to wear shearling is to incorporate it in your looks as a detail on cozy footwear. Ankle boots are a trendy option and a little shearling on top can help you check off two cool fall trends off your list. Stick to boots with heels unless you want to look like you’re wearing uggs.

Shearling Bag

Try a Shearling Clutch

Another great option for shearling this fall is the clutch. Whether it’s completely covered in shearling or just uses it as detailing, clutches are a great way to rock this trend without making a big commitment.

Avoid Hats

The least interesting way to wear shearling is on your head. Just like ugg boots, shearling hats can take over your look in the wrong way. They’re certainly comfortable in really cold weather, but this trend is better suited to coats, ankle booties and other accessories.

White Shearling Jacket Outfitphoto: Dena T.

Taking the Bulk Out of Shearling Coats

There’s little you can do if you spend a lot on a really bulky shearling coat. However, if you’ve opted for a tailored option, you can also reduce the volume with two simple details. Belt a shearling coat and wear a scarf vertically in order to elongate your silhouette.

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Avoid Summery Shearling Items

Even if the shearling trend has been reinterpreted in a lot of way by designers, you still shouldn’t go for something that looks more like it’s meant to be worn in the summer. Open toed pumps with shearling detailing are one of the least effective ways to wear shearling. If you don’t own any shearling pieces, start with a coat or a clutch, either real or faux, to complete your look this fall.