When the weather is too hot for the jeans that do wonders for your butt, it’s time to temporarily retire them, but you don’t have to give up denim all summer long. Find out how to mix style and comfort when it comes to denim in the summertime.

Discover how to wear denim in the summer without giving up comfort and sweating too much. From special denim fabrics that absorb more moisture to clothing that will allow better air circulation, check out the best options for summer denim.

Choose Stretchy Denim

More and more brands are putting out special denim pieces for the summer. Made from cotton with just a touch of lycra, these special fabrics absorb moisture much better than traditional heavy denim, making them a much better fit for hot summer months, when you’re facing extreme temperatures, whether the weather dry or humid.

Denim For Summer Inspiration

Go for Light Colors

When you’re looking for the most comfortable ways to wear denim in the summer, your choice of color is just as important as the breathability of your summer jeans. If you like white denim, you’re in luck since it’s the color that will keep your denim pieces cooler. Black denim should be left off, unless you’re thinking of rocking black denim cut offs in the shade. Choose lighter colors that absorb less heat in the summer.

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Ripped Boyfriend Jeans Outfitphoto

Wear Boyfriend Jeans

One of the easiest ways to rock denim in the summer is to opt for a looser fit. That’s when boyfriend jeans come in the picture. They’re comfortable, trendy and will still allow air to circulate in order to avoid overheating you. For a cute summer look, skip the skinny jeans and go for cuffed boyfriend jeans.

Jean Cut Off Shorts

Try Distressed Denim

Ripped jeans can also be the perfect answer to the question of how to wear denim in the summer. If you love a thick pair of distressed jeans, you might be able to pull them off without sweating too much. The more ripped they are, the more you’re increasing your chances of mixing comfort and style in warm weather.

Denim Short Summer Outfits

Rock Denim Cut Offs

Whether you’re planning on making your own DIY cut offs or you’ve found the perfect pair at the mall, they’re the best option for days in which temperatures go over 100 F. Just make sure that they don’t have the fit of skinny jeans. Even a tiny pair of cut offs can get you sweating a lot when it’s tight.

Distressed Denim Shorts Outfitphoto

Wear Jean Skirts

Skirts might be the perfect answer to how to wear denim in the summer. Go for a stretchy denim to increase breathability or simply opt for a denim skirt. The shorts underneath the skirt are usually made from a much lighter fabric, so the denim won’t come in contact with your skin and increase your body temperature.

Denim Dress

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Try Denim Dresses

The denim dress is a perfect piece for a casual summer style. Whether it’s sleeveless or not, make sure that it’s not too tight. A more loose fitting denim dress can still look stylish without hugging your body too much. Even if it looks great on you, skip the dresses in slim fit, unless they’re actually chambray.

Wearing Denim Culottes

Give Culottes a Chance

Unless you feel they’re too much like the harem pants you’d never wear, giving culottes a chance might be a cool way to wear denim in the summer. If you choose a stretchy fabric, they’ll make your butt look great, while still allowing for plenty of cooling air circulation.

Opt for Sleeveless Denim Shirts

A denim shirt screams 90s revival, and since that’s perfectly on trend this summer, pair a sleeveless denim shirt with either shorts or a skirt in a light fabric for the perfect hot weather touch of denim.

Double Denim Summer Outfitphoto

Skip the High Waisted Jeans

Even if high waisted jeans are trendy this season, they’re not the right way to wear denim in the summer. Even if they’re distressed, stretchy and in a light color, they might be too hot to let you enjoy yourself while looking great.

Denim Outfit Ideas

Try Chambray

If you simply can’t wear denim in the summer because you’re too sensitive to warm weather, the next best thing is chambray. This breathable cotton fabric is lighter and it will still help you get a touch of denim in your style. Go for lighter blue chambrays if you’re planning on spending time outdoors without a lot of shade.