Metallics are becoming a big trend on the red carpet. While this sexy look isn’t for the office, you can certainly make a big splash on special occasions with the right amount of sparkle.

Whether you love sequins or metallic dresses are your thing, find out how to wear a sparkly dress to full effect. From choosing the right accessories to making sure that your hair and makeup don’t detract from the dress, here are the most important style tips for sparkly looks.

Focus on the Fit

While you can certainly go for a looser fit, as long as you belt your sparkly dress, the initial fit is very important to your look. Metallics and sequins aren’t very forgiving, so going too tight is definitely a mistake, particularly in the waist area. Skin tight is also a less than perfect look, so make sure that you find the balance between fit and flowy that works for your body type.

Black Spakrly Sequin Dressphoto: Olivia E.

Choose the Right Neckline

If you’re going for a very sexy vibe, you’re better off revealing arms and legs than cleavage. Going with a plunging neckline when you wear a sparkly dress can definitely push your look into Las Vegas showgirl territory. Stay sophisticated with a high neckline. If you opt for a halter neckline, you’ll also have to tone down your accessories a bit.

Dressing Down Silver Sequin Dressphoto: Carla E.

Balance Your Look

A brightly colored sparkly dress is almost a complete look. If you opt for a less attention-grabbing options, like paillette embellishments that register as prints over the base fabric, you’ll be able to go further with your jewelry and accessories. You can also tone down a very bold dress by pairing it with the right jacket in a neutral color.

Sequin Dress With Fur Vestphoto: Aika Y

Experiment with Texture

When you’re getting ready to wear a sparkly dress, texture is very important. Your dress probably already delivers plenty of it, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stick to similar accessories. Suede can add a lot to a metallic dress, and velvet can also add a lot, unless it’s in a color than fights your dress. Make sure that your accessories don’t have the same sheen as your dress and you’ll be fine.

Strapless Gold Sequin Dress

Go Strapless

If you choose a strapless sequin or metallic dress, it’s important to get the hemline right. Go longer for a more sophisticated look. If it’s too high, it can look more costumey than you’d like. A simple gold or silver necklace can be the perfect accessory, and your purse is also very important to your look, particularly if your shoes are hidden by the long hemline.

Sparkly Dress Red Coatphoto: Nicola N

Use Accessories Carefully

Jewelry with big stones isn’t the best fit for a sparkling look. Peals and simple metals can definitely create a more sophisticated look. Avoid any rhinestones, either on your purse or shoes, but you can be a bit bolder with a cocktail ring. When you’re wondering how to wear a sparkly dress, delicate accessories are always a safe bet.

Gold Sequin Dress Accessoriesphoto: Tiffany B.

Go Small for Gold or Silver

Your jewelry should be understated when you’re going for a dramatic look in either a gold or silver sparkly dress. Keep your jewelry in a single tone and add more sophistication with a little black onyx. Dangling earrings are also a good choice, but they should be on the small side. Chandelier earrings or layered necklaces can overpower your look.

Sparkling Dress Outfit Ideasphoto: Rachel-Marie I.

Be Daring with Darker Metallics

When you’re wondering how to wear a sparkly dress in darker tones, you have more freedom when it comes to choosing your jewelry. Pearl necklaces can add a cute vintage look, and single gem earrings or cocktail rings usually add sophistication to your look.

How To Wear Shimmering Dressesphoto: Adriana G.

Tone Down Your Hair and Makeup

Bold makeup isn’t a good fit for a dramatic dress, so avoid heavy smoky eye looks or really bold lipsticks. Whether you prefer an updo or a simpler hairstyle, avoid any shiny hair accessories that might put your look over the top.

Accessorizing Long Sequin Dressphoto: Rachel L.

Find the Perfect Shoes

The last step in any list of how to wear a sparkly dress tips is making sure that your shoes match your look without drawing attention from it. For a more chic look, don’t be afraid to try two-toned shoes, but stay away from too much sparkle. A dramatic shoe can add to your look as long as it’s not too shiny.