Whether triangular or square, bandanas are beautiful accessories that can enrich your style, from keeping your hair in place to adding a cool factor to your look. Try a few of the best ways to wear a bandana, on your head, neck and even on your arm.

Stop wondering how to wear a bandana and check out a few excellent style options that will contribute to the wide variety of looks you can achieve with this simple and stylish accessory.

The Tri-Fold

The classic way to wear a bandana is also the simplest one. If you have a square one, simply fold it in half to make a triangle. Place the long edge on, under or over your hair, so the bandana covers the top of your hair. Tie the two ends together at the back of your neck, whether under your hair or over it. 

Rock this look with your hair down or with a ponytail.

Bandana With Updo


The Headband

Turning a bandana into a headband is easy and one of the easiest answers to the question of how to wear a bandana. Once you’ve got it folded once into a triangle shape, start folding the edge on itself with a thickness of 2-2.5 inches. The thick folded strip can be then used as a headband for a variety of looks, whether you wear it on your forehead or in an asymmetrical look.

Rosie Bandana

The Rosie

Want the classic look of Rosie the Riveter? You either need a big triangle bandana or a regular square one. Grab the two corners of the long edge and drape the bandana over your shoulders, then raise the two corners over your ears. Tie it above your bangs and use a couple of pins to make sure it stays put over your ears for this cool retro look.

Bandana As Headband

The Pirate

When you’re wondering how to wear a bandana like a pirate, you also need to start with the triangle. Take the corner than makes the tip of the triangle and fold it over, touching the edge. Take both of the other corners and fold them towards the center, then fold the whole thing in half. You should have a rectangle with no visible folds, that you place on your forehead and secure at the back with pins.

Neckerchief Bandana

The Neckerchief

Turning a bandana into a thin strip of fabric that you tie around your neck is a look that was popular in the ‘50s, but it can also bring a touch of retro charm to your look. Once your bandana is folded in the shape of a triangle, fold it repeatedly to get a 1-1.5 inch strip. Tie it around your neck with a small knot that should be right at the center.

The Cowboy Scarf

When you’re thinking about how to wear a bandana like a cowboy, you need to follow the instructions for the neckerchief, but only fold it twice, not all the way through. Start with a triangle and fold the edge over itself by 1-1.5 inches twice. Once you’ve got the smaller triangle, simply wrap it around your neck and tie it at the back, with a small knot.

Updo With Bandana

The Beanie

A bandana can be your best friend on a bad hair day. Wearing it just like a beanie or a scarf is very simple. Start with a triangle, then place the edge under or over your hairline. If the tip of the triangle doesn’t fall at the back of your neck, you probably need a bigger one. Bring the other two corners at the back of your head and tie them with a simple know over the tip of the triangle.

The Alice Band

If you want to know how to wear a bandana like David Beckham, the Alice band can help. Once you’ve got it folded in a triangle, fold it on itself by 1.5 or 2 inches. In the end, you’ll get a long and thick strip. Place it on your forehead, then take the ends behind your ears and tie it at the back of your neck.

Bandana Wrapped Around Bun


The Scrunchy

One of the simplest ways to wear a bandana is to simply turn it into a scrunchy. Once you’ve got your main triangle, fold it on itself by 1 inch. The end result will be a long thin strip that you can use to secure your hair in a lot of way, including at the end of your ponytail.

Wrist Bandana

The Wristband

On your head isn’t the only answer to the how to wear a bandana question. Fold the triangle on itself by 2-2.5 inches to get a long thick strip, then wear it on your wrists, arms and even your legs. Once you’ve got it wrapped on your wrist, simply fold the corners under the fabric to finish your look.

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