Whether you bought a new piece of clothing, you dyed your hair or had a yummy meal at a great restaurant, you are willing to share it all with your friends from the virtual world.

Most of us have Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or Instagram accounts where we are very active. We use them to find out the most recent pieces of news, to make our thoughts public and, of course, show our friends how we have been doing recently. And what better way to do this than post a recent photo of yourself? (whether it’s a selfie or somebody else took it).

You are positing a beautiful picture of yourself that will most likely get lots of likes and good comments. When taking a self portrait – a selfie- , you should know the basic steps that will bring the desired result.

Taking Photo With Phone

In what follows, discover a few great pointers on how to take a good selfie. Are you ready to write them down?

The Rules of How To Take a Selfie

You will need a smartphone with a front and back camera. They are perfect not only for pictures, but also for quick glances during date time or for those great apps they have attached.

Go and download a photo app that will help you change the contrasts and lightning (e.g. Instagram, PhotoToaster, Photoshop, Pixlr O’Matic etc.). You will also need good filters (e.g. X-Pro, Inkwell, Lo-Fi).

One important rule of a good selfie is for you to be fully clothed. You would not want a naked picture of yourself going viral online.

Always smile – you want your friends to see you happy and relaxed, not depressed. A good smile will definitely brighten up your day.

Smiling At The Camera

If you want to take a selfie without wearing any makeup, you are one brave lady. You should however think twice, if you want to avoid possible bad comments such as “Ughh, you’re very ugly!”.

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Grab a good friend and make a great selfie. Two close friends in one picture showing they are having fun – the best best scenario, isn’t it?

Add an animal in the picture! If this is one of those days when the sun is brighter than usual, when your hair is shinier, the picture will look great. Animals bring cuteness to the picture, plus, with you looking and feeling great, double cuteness!

When it comes to how to take a selfie in the mirror, you should make sure first that the background is the appropriate one: no bed, unfolded clothes and teddy bears. You wouldn’t want for your friends to see the disaster in your room, would you?

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