Improving your style can mean spending more money on clothes, but it doesn’t have to. In fact, with a few simple tips, you can easily learn how to save money on clothes without making any compromises when it comes to looking your best.

Find out how to stick to your means while still looking fashionable. From finding the right apps and websites that help you get the best sales to a few good shopping habits, here’s how you can still be trendy while also saving a little money.

Stick to Cash

Charging everything to your credit card or going for store credit can certainly help you buy what you want right now, but it’s not the best move for your finances in the long run. Before you go shopping, set a limit and stick to it by only bringing cash along. Forget about retail therapy on credit and be realistic about how many new clothes you can afford.

Get the Best Online Deals

There are plenty of way find the right sales for your style. From visiting websites like, that feature designer items from top brands at the best prices, to signing up to big retailer newsletters so you don’t miss out on any great opportunity, a little work online can be the best answer to the question of how to save money on clothes.

Save Money On Clothes

Shop Out of Season

When you simply can’t afford the latest trends, it’s time to pick your favorites, then shop for them out of season. You can find huge discounts at the end of the season, but you might want to only pick the trendy items that fit with your overall style and will still work for you. You should also take a look at the latest Fashion Week trends, so you know exactly what will still be fashionable in a few months.

Get Shopping Apps

It’s very easy to save money on clothes if you turn your smartphone into your personal shopper. Shopping apps like ShopSavvy, RetailMeNot, Dealnews, and Shopkick can offer plenty of discounts and even allow you to set notifications for a price point for certain items. You’ll also get access to a lot of coupons with discounts that add up when you’re building your wardrobe for a new season.

Don’t Give in to All Sales

Even if you have access to the best sales available, don’t go too far. Shopping in physical stores is even more tempting when you see slashed prices. Just because something is affordable doesn’t mean you should instantly pull out your wallet. Invest in more expensive, timeless pieces that you love in order to get the most out of your budget instead of buying a lot of stuff you like.

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Shop Trends Carefully

It’s not easy to predict the future of trends, so it’s important to invest most of your shopping budget in flattering clothes that won’t go out of style in a few months. Instead of focusing on trends too much, think about the color palette of your wardrobe, and you’ll be able to to save money on clothes, especially since you’ll be able to create more outfits out of your separates.

Clothes Shopping On A Budget

Be Careful in Discount Chains

While bargain hunting is certainly a good way to get the stylish pieces you want without spending too much, be careful when it comes to big discounts and outlet stores. Big discounts can be misleading, with some taking into account the suggested retail price, not the real one. Don’t get too excited over percentages when you don’t find something you actually love.

Try Vintage

When you’re wondering how to save money on clothes, vintage can be a good solution for keeping your style unique. Sometimes thrift stores have clothes that are equally exciting as the items you’d find in a overpriced vintage boutique. Be patient and look for clothes that really work for your style.

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Sell Before You Buy

Before going on a shopping spree, check your wardrobe and remove anything that you’re not wearing anymore. Some of them might be worth more than you think. Place them in consignment shops or list them on eBay to increase your budget for new items.

Always Buy What Fits Now

If you want to save money on clothes, stop buying things you might be able to fit in after you lose a few pounds. Sticks to what looks good on your body now and you’ll keep your style current.