When you’re letting your wardrobe fall victim to clutter, your style always suffers. Keeping everything organized can be difficult, but with a little effort and a few smart tips, you’ll be able to make the most out of your closet.

Find out how to organize your wardrobe the right way in order to make the most out of your space and increase the chances of creating the best looks from your clothes. If you can’t see them, you won’t wear them, so here’s how you should keep your closet organized.

1. Unclutter Once per Season

Letting go of clothing might be difficult, as you may be sentimentally attached to some, but when they’re lying at the back of the closet and you haven’t touched them in more than two years, it’s time to move on. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should donate or throw out valuable pieces, just the items that don’t fit you anymore and that you stopped wearing for good.

2. Maximize Your Space

Once you’ve done cleaning up your closet once every season and checking if anything is taking up space for no good reason, you should make the best out of the space you have in order to organize your wardrobe. Towel racks attached on the inside of doors make for the perfect way to store your scarves, and dowels or hooks can also help you take advantage of all your storage space.

How To Organize Clothes

3. Opt for Matching Hangers

Wire hangers have no place in your closet, but even if you’re only using plastic or wood hangers, it’s important to get uniformity. When everything is hanging at the exact same level, you’ll be able to peruse them easier and make the right choice faster. Invest in hangers with clips for your skirts and pants, or simply buy the clips separately if you already have the right set of hangers.

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4. Organize by Type and Color

Even if you think you’ve got your own system for storing your clothes and accessories, the easiest way to keep everything in place is to organize first by type and second by color. Keeping short sleeved items separate from long sleeved ones, and sporty clothes away from your work outfits is the right way to go, and then you can sort them by color for each type. When you’re wondering how to organize your wardrobe, keep blouses at eye-level. Store the season items at the top and go for tops and skirts on a lower hanging rod.

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5. Hang Items Correctly

Knits should not be hanged, since they’re stored much better folded, but skirts and pants need a little attention. Fold in the sides to the clips won’t leave any marks on your clothes. Tiered hangers are also a good to see more of your skirts, which increased the likelihood of actually wearing them.

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6. Use Clear Containers for Your Accessories

Items that you can’t hang or fold, like most of your accessories should go in clear containers. Baskets are also a good options, but when you’re worried about how to organize your wardrobe the right way, clear plastic containers let you see more with just a short glance. You’ll be more likely make the best choices when you’re putting together a look.

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7. Stack Your Folded Items Carefully

Sweater folding boards are a great way to reduce the time you spend folding while also getting everything to look even. Remember to stack them up by weight, with the heaviest items at the bottom.

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8. Store Your Bags Correctly

Hanging bags can cause handles to stretch out, so make room on shelves for all your handbags. You can also store them in boxes, but remember to fill them with tissue to make sure they hold their shape. Organize your wardrobe by keeping day bags separate from the more dressy versions and sorting them by color.

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9. Organize Your Shoes

If you keep one shoe with the toe out and one with the heel out, you’ll get all the detail you need for each pair when you’re trying to pick the right shoes. Clear containers are also a good idea for shoes.

How To Organize Shoes

10. Invest in Garment Bags for Expensive Items

Avoid leaving your clothes in plastic bags. When you organize your wardrobe, always make sure that you’re caring for your more expensive dresses the right way. Canvas garment bags are the way to go, especially for pieces that have been dry cleaned.