When you feel like your style choices are making your legs look shorter, there are a few changes you can make in order to create the opposite illusion. Help your legs looks longer in leaner by choosing the right clothes and accessories in the right colors.

Find out how to make your legs look longer with a few simple style tricks that can also help elongate your silhouette if you’re petite. From your neck to your shoes, here’s what you need to do in order to get longer legs.

Go Monochromatic

Wearing one color from head to toe creates a better visual impact for your legs, making them appear longer. You can also look taller by choosing a monochromatic look. 

Monochromatic Outfit For Longer Legsphoto: Stephanie K.

Pairing contrasting colors on the top and bottom will have the opposite effect. If you go for head to toe black, the your entire silhouette will look extended with this simple trick.

Keep Matching

Nude Shoes For Longer Legsphoto: Jessi M.

One of the best ways to make your legs look longer is to blur the line between your bottom and your feet. This means nude pumps for exposed legs, or shoes that match your pants perfectly. Don’t go for any nude, choose the shade closest to the color of your skin. In black, the matching is even better, and you’ll be able to extend the look of your legs to perfection by pairing black pants with black heels or boots.

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Go High-Waisted

High Wasited Pants For Longer Legsphoto: Barbara K.

Unless you have a very short torso, high-waisted pants and skirts are a must in order to make your legs look longer. High-rise skinny jeans paired with heels are an excellent way to elongate your silhouette. High waisted skirts can also help, and if they’re short, they work best with nude heels.

Skip the Ankle Straps

No Ankle Straps For Longer Legs photo: Adriana G.

Your choice of shoes is very important to make your legs look longer, in more ways that just looking for the right color and heel height. Forget about strappy shoes, especially if they have thick ankle straps. You might be able to get away with nude shoes with straps, but unless they perfectly match your skin, the strap just created a horizontal line that makes your legs seem shorter.

Choose Pointy Toed Shoes

Pointed Toe Heels For Longer Legsphoto: Nina

Even though they’re not the most comfortable option, and they can actually cause trouble for your feet in the long run, pointy-toe pumps are a great choice for a special occasion when you feel like you want to look your best. Round-toe shoes will work best by matching the color of your legs or pants, but pointy-toed stilettos take it one step further.

Try Wide Leg Pants

Wide Leg Pants For Longer Legsphoto: Manona C.

Skinny pants aren’t your only option. If you prefer a wide-leg pant and pair it with wedge sandals, then you already know how to make your legs look longer in one of the best ways. In order to make the effect even more noticeable, choose a pair of pants with vertical details, either a vertical stripe or a print that elongates your legs.

Wear a Pencil Skirt

Pencil Skirt For Longer Legsphoto: Jackie W.

While high waisted skirts in all shapes and sizes work for making your legs look longer, a pencil skirt if the best way to go if you want something on the shorter side. A slimming pencil skirt worn just under your ribs with a tucked in top will definitely help you achieve a longer silhouette.

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Go for Empire-Waisted Dresses

Empire Waist For Longer Legsphoto: Flavia D.

Just like high waited skirts and pants help out, one of the best ways to make your legs look longer is to wear empire-waisted dresses. They have to be floor-length, so pick either a maxi or something more tailored, but make sure it’s long. Pair it with matching heels or wedges for one of the best leg lengthening style tricks.

Try Short Shorts

Short Shorts For Longer Legsphoto: That Girl Gick L.

If you’re willing to show off your legs, wearing short shorts can also make them appear longer. They might not be the right choice for pumps, but you can definitely pair them with nude wedge sandals for a cute summer look.

Bronze Your Legs

Tan For Longer Legsphoto: Jenny B.

Whether you prefer self-tanning lotion or a professional spray tan that you can get at a sunless tanning salon, one of the easiest way to make your legs look longer is to give them a little color. A bronzed finish will always help when you want to show off your legs. Opt for a gradual self-tanning lotion so you can stop before you reach the dreaded orange shade.