With a few simple rules, you can look much lighter and slimmer as long as you carefully choose every piece of your outfit. Learn the basic rules that can help you look thinner and find out how to dress slimmer in 10 steps, using every piece to your advantage.

General Rules on How to Dress Slimmer

Shapewear is your best friend when you want to look slimmer. A carefully chosen item can deal with the problem area in a good way, but you can’t rely solely on shapewear. Pay attention to the proportion of your outfits. If you’re bottom heavy, wide leg pants should be paired with a fitted top. The same principles applies to a looser top with a tighter bottom.

Vertical details can make all the difference. From V-necks to pleats and zippers, every vertical detail can have a slimming effect. Make sure you avoid all horizontal details, including all striped prints that cut you off and make you appear bulkier than you are.

Slimming Separates Outfits

Color is a very important detail and matching separates in dark colors for a monochrome effect is the oldest trips in the book when it comes to how to dress slimmer. You should also layer darker items under lighter ones for a great slimming effect.

What you shouldn’t do is only stick to dark shades. If you’re in the mood for color the best choice is a bright red. It can be just as slimming as black, just it’s usually achieved easier with a dress, not with separates.

Slimming Prints

When they’re chosen incorrectly, prints can add pounds to your frame instead of detracting from it. The best choice when you want to appear smaller is to go for prints with smaller details. The bigger the print, the bigger you’ll look. Add a long scarf to your look and it’ll work ever better.

Look Slimmer Dresses

Slimming Tops

Longer tops are also a great idea when you’re wondering how to look slimmer. If the top ends at the waist, it’ll cut you off in the middle. A well tailored blouse can be slimming and you can even tuck in your fitting shirt in your jeans, as long as you finish your look with heels.

Slimming Bottoms

Boot cut jeans are one of the most flattering options when you’re looking to slim down through fashion. Look for a slight flare at the ankle to elongate your figure. For skirts, the pencil cut is the most flattering when you’re hoping to get a slimming effect for your entire look.

Slimming Dresses

You have to let go of loose maxis if you’re really serious about how to dress slimmer. The best dresses are those that create an hourglass shape. Try A-line dresses and empire-waist dresses, preferably with a V-neck or a really deep cleavage. Stick to well structured dress and pair them with a belt.

Slimming Jackets

Even well tailored jackets can fail you if they hit your silhouette at the wrong point. Stick to hip-length jackets and coats. Tapered cuts add another flattering element, but you should also pay attention to the collar. The wider the collar, the slimmer you’ll look. If you love your jacket with a thin collar, wear it with a big scarf to add dimension on top.

How To Look Slimmer

Slimming Belts

Wearing belts can be a good idea, even if you’re not really happy about your waistline. You can get the right effect by choosing a wider belt. Skinny belts work best for skinny women, but a wide belt with a touch of stretch fabric can slim you down considerably.

Slimming Shoes

When it comes to footwear, stay away from thin straps. The best way to go if you want to dress slimmer is to sport scoop-front heels. Avoid booties and anything strapped to your ankles, but try nude pumps and you’ll get another subtle elongating effect.

Slimming Bags

Even bags can add unwanted volume to your frame. A good tip on how to dress slimmer is to choose well-structured bags, in a proportional size to your body. Medium-sized bags work for most women, but a big slouchy bag adds too much and a tiny clutch will make you look bigger in comparison.

Slimming Jewelry

Do you love chandelier earring and long necklaces? They’re the best accessories for a slimming effect. A chunky necklace that’s paired with a top in a lighter shade can extend your torso and make you look thinner.

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