You might be able to get away with light clothing when you’re riding scooter, but on a motorcycle, it’s important to be protected from a wide variety of dangers, from windburn and sunburn to exhaust burns and more dangerous wounds caused by falling off or any other accident.

Once you know how to dress for riding a motorcycle, you’ll be able to protect yourself correctly, even for a very short ride. Forget about using your street clothes, like you would on a Vespa, and discover the motorcycle gear essentials.

Putting Safety First

Whether you’re planning on taking a trip that last for a few hours or are simply taking a short ride on a motorcycle, you need to make sure that you’re protected in case of an accident. A leather jacket and jeans are the minimum amount of protection, but you should actually be wearing motorcycle gear, from a thick jacket and pants to a full-face helmet. You need to stay protected no matter if the weather is hot or not, and boots are another item you have to check on your list before getting on a motorcycle.

Dressing In Layers

Layers are they answer to the question of how to dress for riding a motorcycle, especially when you plan on riding on it for more than a few minutes, whether you’re driving it yourself or taking on the role of the passenger. The first layer should be breathable and should quickly remove moisture from your skin, so synthetic fibers are the way to go, never cotton. The layer insulating layer traps heat and keep you warm, since winds can often lower your body temperature at high speeds, and it should also be synthetic. The outer shell simply acts at the main protection against wind, rain or sun.

Clothes For Riding Motocycle

Motorcycle Jacket

Wearing a Kevlar motorcycle jacket is the best way to prevent any injuries in case of a fall. With special reinforcements around the spine and your elbows, the right motorcycle jacket can be made from leather or Cordura, a synthetic fiber that’s also water resistant, but doesn’t protect you as much as leather. Don’t made the mistake of thinking any leather jacket will do, and don’t ride at night with any motorcycle jacket that’s dark in color. The more colorful your are, the easier it will be for other drivers to spot you.

Motorcycle Pants

Skirts and dresses are completely out of question when you’re wondering how to dress for riding a motorcycle. Protect yourself with special pants, whether they’re made from Kevlar, leather or nylon. At the very least, wear your thickest pair of jeans.

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Motorcycle Helmet

The are multiple styles of helmets, but the safest is the full-face. Beside protecting your face from the wind and in case of an accident, a full-face helmet offers extra safety in case of an accident, by extending the protection all helmets have for the skull to your jaw and face. Choose a helmet that conforms to the federally mandated DOT standard (information you can find on the label at the back of any motorcycle helmet).

Motorcycle Gloves

Gloves are a must-have if you’re the one in control, but they’re also part of the answer to the question of how to dress for riding a motorcycle when you’re simply the passenger. If you fall, your instinct will be to protect yourself with your hands, so go for well-padded gloves, with Kevlar optional. If you’re thinking you’ve already spent too much on other items, simply stick to regular padded gloves, as long as you’re just the passenger.

Outfits For Riding Motocycle

Motorcycle Boots

Just like the jacket and pants, you need good motorcycle boots. They’ll protect your feet from exhaust burns and can also prove to be invaluable in the case of an accident. An important part of how to dress for riding a motorcycle, boots should not be in light colors, since a single ride can get them very dirty.

Motorcycle Rain Gear

Nylon rain gear is another important accessory you should have handy, since they’ll offer extra protection in the case of heavy rain. Heated vests and socks are options, but recommended in colder weather.

Protect Your Hair When Riding a Motorcycle

The last thing you need to know about how to dress for riding a motorcycle is to always tuck in your hair in your helmet or under your jacket. If you wear it down, you’ll get plenty of knots and split ends.

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