A shoe that’s less than comfortable can cause plenty of problems in the long run, from pain to more severe posture issues and even nerve damage in the foot. Find out how to protect your feet and how to choose comfortable shoes that are still as trendy as you want.

From right fit and the heel placement on the sole to ways to make shoes more comfortable than they actually are, try these simple tips that will give your feel room to breathe without taking away from your style.

Choose the Best Time to Go Shopping

While you can go shopping any time of day you prefer, when it comes to shoe shopping there are good times and bad times. In the morning your feet are rested and you can even wear tighter shoes for a while without noticing. 

It’s better to buy shoes in late afternoon when your feet are getting tired and they could even be a bit swollen. That way, you make sure that the shoes you get will stay comfortable.

Shoe Shopping Tips

Buy the Right Size

Measuring your footwear size from time to time is a great idea, especially if you’ve been pregnant and still kept to the same size. At the very least, try on the slightly bigger size than the one you think you have. If you breath a sigh of relief and the foot doesn’t move around in the shoe, then that’s the size you should be getting.

Consider Width, Not Just Length

The secret of how to choose comfortable shoes when it comes to length is having a space as wide as your thumb between your big toe and the front of the shoe. There are no clear rules when it comes to width, but you need to be aware that’s a big issue too. If you can’t find the shoe you want in the right width, cobbler can easily stretch them out a bit for extra comfort.

Look for the Right Heel Placement

Many women settle for kitten heels since longer ones get painful, but the problem might simply be the placement of the heel. Whether you’re wearing wedges or pumps, the heel should be in a direct line below the heel bone. If it’s placed at the back of the sole, you won’t feel comfortable in the shoes and you might even adapt your walking and posture to feel comfortable. That’s always a bad sign for a shoe you shouldn’t purchase.

New Shoes Meme

Go for Round Toed Shoes

If you only love point shoes, you’re missing out on a big part of how to choose comfortable shoes since round toed shoes are always easier to wear. At the very least, you should alternate between wearing pointy shoes with round toed ones and your feet will be grateful for the break you’re giving them.

Break In Your New Purchases

Whether you’re going for high heels or following the advice of podiatrists to stop to a maximum heel of two inches, you should always break in shoes before wearing them for an entire day. The easiest way to do this is to simply wear them 3 times at home: for 15 minutes, for 30 minutes and for 60 minutes, with longer breaks in-between.

Get More Cushioning

If you’ve followed all the rules on how to choose comfortable shoes and still didn’t find the stylish footwear you wanted, you might be able to adapt less comfortable shoes. Shoe inserts that provide extra cushioning can help any shoe feel better. Get the extra cushioning under the ball of your foot, especially for heels and you’ll improve the feel of your shoes by a lot.

New Shoes

Avoid Rubbing at the Heel

Another big problem that you can’t always predict when you’re wondering how to choose comfortable shoes is the unpleasant rubbing at the heel. You should be also to detect if that will be a problem when you break in your shoes. The best fix is a suede heel grip that might help prevent blisters when you wear the shoes for a few hours for the first time.

Alternate Heels with Flats

Even if your heels are comfortable, you still shouldn’t wear them daily. Alternate them with flats or kitten heels especially when you’re wearing pants and the shoe is less visible.

Deal with Pain Correctly

A warm soak is the traditional solution for tired feet, but it’s not the most efficient. Submerging your feet in cold water can eliminate the pain faster. The colder temperatures also help you deal with swelling.

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