Mastering the business casual style can take a lot of work, but once you start assembling a few right outfits based on casual work clothes for women, you’re on your way. Respect the dos and don’ts of the casual work style and you’ll be able to really dress for success even on casual Fridays.

The basics of the business don’t change all that much once the word casual comes into play. You’re still supposed to wear clothes that cover most of your body, without any edgy fashion statements or trendy looks lifted right from the catwalk.

Casual Work Clothes for Women

The easiest way to decide what types of clothes are suited best to your job is not by checking out the way your co-workers dress, but the way your female superiors decide to present themselves in the workplace.

Stay away from khakis, even though a lot of men wear them as part of the business casual look and look for linen pants and wool gabardine slacks that give off a more professional vibe.

Long or knee-length skirts are good options and long pants or dressy capris are also good options. Don’t reach for the sexy or super-trendy interpretation of business, that’s not what casual means.

Find the Right Look with Casual Work Clothes for Women

Business Casual Work Clothes Tips

Once you buy a few pieces of clothing as casual work clothes, focus on accessorizing them for different looks. While the main items of clothing should be black, gray, navy blue, brown, taupe or ivory, accessories in the form of jewelry or scarves can add a pleasant spot of color.

Jewelry can also turn casual work clothes for women into a more stylish look without going overboard, but make sure you use them lightly: either big earrings or a necklace. Don’t combine them in the same outfit, but you can wear either one with discrete bracelets.

It’s best to keep a few extra items of clothing at work, so that you can turn the business casual style into simply business at the snap of your fingers as needed. Unexpected meeting with a new client? Throw on a neutral cardigan and a scarf to cover your edgier top.

Find the Right Look with Casual Work Clothes for Women

Business Casual Style

Dressing formally should become a semi-regular habit even when business casual is the norm. Dressing for work should always reflect the job you want to have, not the position you currently hold.

Stay away from high heels in the business casual style, since they’ll wreak havoc on your feet if you have a lot of errands to run around the building. Use a pair of black flats for work to compliment the casual work clothes for women you’ve chosen.

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