Modern fashion is all about experiments, so taking risks can lead to amazing fresh looks. However, every restrictive style rule, whether it’s still relevant or not, is based on a nugget of universal truth when it comes to picking or matching outfits.

Here are the fashion rules to never break that have survived, even though they may have adapted to a truly free and modern style spirit. A fashionista doesn’t have to be super strict when it comes to everything from mixing certain colors or to the old fashioned rule of not wearing white after Labor Day.

Don’t Buy Without Trying It On

The biggest mistake you can make when it comes to your style is to go shopping in a hurry. When you buy without trying it on you can miss important details about how the clothes fit you or how their color palette affects your look. When it comes to fashion rules to never break, this one only has a single exception: bathing suits and lingerie.

Don’t Mix (Too Many) PrintsMixing Printssource

Print clash can be a strong look if you know how to put it together. Mixing two prints is no longer considered a fashion faux pas, but the secret to pulling off the look is going for a smaller and a bigger print. Similar one will just fight for attention and create a messy look. Don’t add the third print, not on bags, not on jewelry, not on shoes unless you’re going to a costume party.

Don’t Mix Silver and Gold (Unless They’re Already Mixed)Silver And Goldsource

Jewelry designers have already messed with one of the old school fashion rules to never break, by mixing gold and silver in the same pieces. You can wear mixed precious metal pieces, but you’re better off by not mixing separate gold and silver pieces of jewelry together in the same space. Also, remember that less is more, so don’t over-accessorize when you choose to mix metals.

Don’t Wear Black with Brown (If They’re Both Drab)Wearing Black With Brownsource

Most stylists agree that matching black and brown pieces has left the list of the fashion rules to never break, but you should still remember the rule that says you shouldn’t look drab. When mixing brown and black, go for fabrics with texture or add flair to your look with contrasting accessories.

Don’t Go for Too Much Shine on Daytime OutfitsDaytime Sequinssource

Sequins are becoming more wearable during the day time and when they’re paired with more demure or classical pieces, can help create a fashion-forward look. This doesn’t mean that shine for daytime looks is completely off the fashion rules to never break list. Use your best judgment and don’t pull heavily bejeweled or super shiny looks into your day outfits.

Don’t Use Discounts to Justify Buying Clothes

Some deals are too good to pass up, but most of them just end up padding your wardrobe with items you’ll never wear. Instead of adding to it frantically then struggling to match them into outfits, stick to one of the unbreakable fashion rules: buy only things you really like and give up an old item with each new addition to your closet.

Don’t Go Too Far with Both Your Bag and ShoesShoes And Bag Overkillsource

Just like it’s important to keep your makeup balanced (either bold eyes or bold lips!), one of the fashion rules to never break is creating an equilibrium between your bag and shoes. If both are super flashy statement pieces, you risk bordering on tacky.

Don’t Overload on DenimDouble Denimsource

Double denim has passed the runway test, but that doesn’t mean every woman call pull off the look. The safest bet is to mix a lighter piece with a darker one (preferable black). A cute top can also improve the look of double denim, especially in a luxe fabric or a feminine print.

Don’t Mix Black and (Dark) Navy

Navy And Black Outfit

Navy and black aren’t necessarily incompatible, but sticking to a contrasting version of navy is still one of the fashion rules to never break. Putting a lighter black next to a darker navy simply makes you look like you dressed in the dark. Create contrast with belts or jewelry to really make this look work.

Don’t Wear White (Summer Clothes) After Labor DayWhite In Wintersource

This style tip may be outdated, but it still counts when it comes to white pieces that are simply too summery. From casual white strappy sandals to white maxi dresses, anything that gives a strong summer vibe should go to the back of your closet after Labor Day. Better yet, banish all white for fall, but bring it back in lush textures for your winter looks.

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