Rules like not wearing white after Labor day or avoiding denim on denim have been eliminated by modern fashion sensibilities, but there are plenty of other style myths that still have followers.

Forgetting the fashion myths have been debunked isn’t even bold anymore. Check out a few style restrictions that are no longer relevant, but still keep many from fulfilling their true fashion potential. From the outdated print mixing rules to the silly rule of avoiding suede during the summer, here are the myths that have been thoroughly busted by the fashion world.

1. You Have to Take Off One Accessory Before Going Out

Created in the 1960s, this rule was originally based on a point system for finding balance in every look. 

However, fashion is not math, and this outdated myth should be absolutely forgotten. From layering necklaces to wearing multiple bracelets, there are plenty of looks where more is more, so don’t be discouraged to try some bolder accessory and jewelry combinations.

2. You Must Limit Yourself to Your Body Type Recommendations

Plenty of fashion myths are debunked every season at Fashion Week, but this one keeps sticking around. No woman is just a pear, an apple or a banana. There’s more to your body than that and plenty of women manage to pull off gorgeous looks that shouldn’t work on paper. Pay attention to proportions, but don’t become a slave to your body type.

Mixing Prints Not A Fashion Faux Pas

3. You Can’t Mix Prints

Clashing prints have been a hot trends for a few years and the reason for it is that anyone can pull them off with a little inspiration and help. While sticking to a single print used to be considered a mark of sophistication, taking fashion risks pays off. Mixing and matching prints is no longer a fashion faux pas.

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4. You Should Never Wear Gold and Silver Jewelry Together

As debunked fashion myths go, this one also belongs in the ‘60s. Accessories were supposed to perfectly match at the same time when not matching your purse to your shoes was also unforgivable. Whether you decide to wear mixed metal jewelry or make your own combinations, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t mix the two for a trendy look today.

Gold And Silver Jewelry Togethernull

5. Petite Women Can’t Wear Long Dresses

Another outdated style rule is that you should stay away from long maxi dresses or floor-length gowns if you’re on the shorter side. With the right silhouette, long dresses can be just as flattering on petite women. The two things you should be avoiding are bulk, so go for a streamlined look, and big prints, that are less flattering than solid colors.

6. You Should Avoid Navy and Black Together

The combination of black and navy can be very stylish, so you should consider this one of the fashion myths debunked again and again. Both black and navy are great neutrals, but the key to making a great look with these two colors is going with different textures. This color combination is a great way to stay sophisticated without going for an all black look.

Tall Women Wearing High Heels

7. Tall Women Should Avoid High Heels

While heels are a great way to look taller, they also work in creating great proportions for your legs. If you want to make your legs look leaner, don’t be afraid to rock the heels you love. Keep a good posture and you’re free to go for whatever type of heel you want.

8. Horizontal Stripes Make You Look Bad

One of the fashion myths that have been debunked a lot over the years, the rule about avoiding horizontal stripes should definitely be forgotten. Smaller stripes work for slimmer frames, while thicker stripes can enhance curves the right way. However, if you’re pear shaped, stick to the stripes on the top only.

Wearing Horizontal Stripesphoto

9. Banish Suede During the Summer

Just as white has become an all year round color, suede can also be trendy in warmer weather. The key to making it work for you is sticking to a single item or accessory with suede. If you go for two, the end result will be more suited to fall than summer.

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10. You Have to Spend a Lot for a Special Occasion

With services that rent out dresses and accessories, the idea that you have to spend big money to look great for your prom or when you attend a wedding is one the fashion myths that have been debunked.