Keeping your style current may help you look younger, but it can also age you when you’re choosing the wrong trends. If you’d like to make sure your fashion choices don’t add a few years, there are more details that you need to consider.

Check out some of the fashion mistakes that make you look older, and find out how to avoid and keep your style more youthful, from the right way to show off your waistline to making sure that you’re not looking older because of your choice of accessories.

Ignoring the Importance of the Fit

Ill-fitting clothing can always make you look frumpy and older. Whether it’s dresses or pants, the right cut will only be flattering on your body when the fit is also on point. 

Kim Kardashian Ill Fitting Clothes

Stop wearing off the rack and start getting your more expensive pieces tailored and tweaked to your body. Don’t forget about the underwear. With the wrong size bra, your clothes won’t look as good as they might, and you could end up looking older.

Letting Nostalgia Get in the Way

Olsen Twins Style Staple

One of the biggest fashion mistakes that make you look older is hanging on to old items just because you have an emotional attachment to them. You don’t have to throw them away, but once they stop looking good on you, because they’re either too tight or too loose, it’s time to take them out of your wardrobe rotation and store them somewhere else if you can’t tailor them to fit your body now.

Chasing All the Trends

Kardashian Jenners Chasing Trends

Looks that feature a mixture of one current trends and timeless staples are definitely the way to go when you want to keep your style current. Piling on too many trends in a single look may end up making you look a bit desperate, so it will definitely backfire if your goal is to not draw attention to your age.

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Choosing Colors That Wash You Out

Elizabeth Olsen Washed Out Outfit

An important part of looking your best at any age is avoiding colors that wash you out. It’s also one of the big fashion mistakes that make you look older. You can’t just forget about colors and stick to black, because that will also age you. Focus on finding the shades that make your skin look brighter, not duller.

Skipping the Belt

Taylor Swift Boxy Outfit

Hiding your waistline in loose and boxy silhouettes is definitely one of the ways you’ll end up looking older. Trying to achieve an hourglass with the right belt is a trick that works for almost every body type. Decide for yourself if a skinny belt or a wider one is better for your proportions, but stop hiding your waist under loose fabric.

You’re Choosing the Wrong Jackets

Selena Gomez Long Blazer

Jackets and blazers look youthful when they’re shorter. Going for a lower hemline is one of the top fashion mistakes that make you look older. You shouldn’t hide your butt and hips completely, you’ll just draw attention to your age. Don’t wear any jacket or blazer with a hemline that’s lower than the midway point of your behind.

Lose the Cardigans

Britney Spears Cardigan

They’re one of the pieces that age you the most, whether you’re wearing them the regular way or especially tied around the neck or hips. Since cardigans lack shape, they’re not the most flattering choice, so just replace them with a more structured alternative, a blazer or a jacket that.

Avoid Tweed

Blake Lively Tweed Outfit

Even if you’ve always loved it, tweed can come across as matronly, so wearing it can end up as one of the fashion mistakes that make you look older. Pinstripes or even a big houndstooth check can replace tweet and feel much younger.

Don’t Let Your Shoes Betray You

Red Carpet Flats

Everyone longs for comfortable shoes, but when your shoes look like they’re really comfortable, you’ve probably gone too far. Flats can come across as frumpy, no matter how decorated they are. You don’t have to wear stilettos, but try a kitten heel, that offers the best of both worlds in terms of style and comfort.

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Be Careful with Accessories

Jewelry Sets Fashion Faux Pas

There are at least three fashion mistakes that make you look older when it comes to your accessories. Matched sets are a big no-no, and so is over-accessorizing. Keeping everything in proportion is important, so try to avoid very dainty and whimsical pieces, but don’t fall too far in the other extreme and just go for chunky jewelry all the time.