From bulky sweaters and puffy coats to turtlenecks, there are plenty of clothes that will add pounds even when you’re a size 0. If you’re focused on looking your best and you don’t want any obstacles, learn more about the fashion mistakes that make you look heavier.

Choosing well tailored clothes is just the first step, you should also avoid a few more unflattering cuts that will make you seem heavier. Check out a few tips on avoiding these mistakes that adds pounds to your look.

Wearing Things That Are Simply Too Tight

Well tailored clothes can highlight your body the right way, but choosing tops and bottoms that are too tight can actually make you look heavier. 

Clothes That Are Simply Too Tight

Any puckering or straining is a bad sign and you should stop wearing such items. Just because you’re choosing stretchy fabrics doesn’t mean you’re getting the right fit.

Choosing the Wrong Menswear Pieces

Wrong Menswear Pieces

Menswear inspired clothes are great, but if you’re actually wearing clothes that were designed for men, you’re making one of the fashion mistakes that make you look heavier. Wear boyfriend jeans, but don’t wear your boyfriend’s jeans! You’ll also look heavier in menswear inspired blazers if the shoulders don’t fit just right.

Find the Right Bra

Finding The Right Bra

Your clothes will only look as good as your underwear allows them too. Without the right bra, you might look heavier on top. It’s important to highlight the narrowest area of your silhouette, just below your breasts. So make sure they get good support, and that you’re choosing tops with good bust darts, that allow you to create a flattering silhouette.

Be Careful with Sheath Dresses

Unflattering Sheath Dress

Wearing shapeless and loose fitting dresses can turn into one of the fashion mistakes that make you look heavier, particularly if you have a curvy figure. Without the proper waist definition, sheath dresses will make your body look more of an apple shape, even if you’re a pear or an hourglass. Belt sheath dresses and even A-line dresses for a more flattering look.

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Stay Away from the Baggy Style

Beyonce Unflattering Baggy Look

Wearing baggy clothes can easily register as if they’re oversized and that definitely adds a few pounds to your frame. If you love a baggy top or bottom, make sure that you’re pairing it with a sleek and body-skimming top or bottom to balance it out. However, when it comes to jackets or coats, stay away from anything baggy.

Find the Right Prints

Unflattering Large Print

If you’re wearing the wrong print, you might be making one of the worst fashion mistakes that make you look heavier. Printed pants are particularly problematic, especially if the print is really small. Large scale prints can make you look slimmer, but avoid anything that’s too busy, since it can add more volume to your silhouette.

Avoiding Stretch Fabrics

Unflattering Stretch Dress

A little stretch can be comfortable and make you look great, but it’s very important to choose quality clothes. For clothes that have a tighter fit, quality stretchy fabrics are your best choice. However, make sure that they fit you the right way. A quality garment in a rigid fabric might be better than a cheap stretchy one.

Layering Too Much

Unflattering Layering Rita Ora

While some layers can be flattering, too many can quickly turn into one of the fashion mistakes that make you look heavier. Loose layers should be combined with more fitted layers in order to create a good balance. Just don’t wear something fitted over something bit and loose, since it will end up creating more volume.

3/4 Pants and Tea-Length Skirts

Unflattering Tea Length Skirts

Cropped pants can make your legs look thicker and tea-length skirts have the same problem. Avoid 3/4 pants for the same reason. In order to achieve a flattering effect, keep your skirts around the knee level and go for full length pants in a darker color to lengthen your legs and make them look slimmer.

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Chunky Shoes

Unflattering Chunky Shoes Beyonce

A pair of heels can always help elongate your frame, but even if you want to stick to flats, one of the big fashion mistakes that make you look heavier is choosing chunky shoes. Pay particular attention to platforms and also avoid gladiator shoes unless you have really skinny legs. They look great on models but can make your legs look thicker.