After picking the right fall trends that work best for your figure and style, take a look at the way you’re wearing your outfits, in order to avoid a few style mistakes that might end up ruining your look.

Here are the fall fashion mistakes to avoid, in order to look your best as the weather transitions. From keeping a few summer staples around for too long to making some uninspired color choice, here are the style errors you should stay away from this fall.

1. Keeping Your Summer Style Around

Sandals and strappy shoes should be the first to go, along with flowy dresses in summery prints. Make a clean break from your summer wardrobe until next year, keeping around just the neutral pieces that don’t scream “summer”. 

Retro Fall Outfit Ideaphoto: Tina Sizonova

Fall trends are getting brighter, but some clothes and accessories look too summery, and you know it. They’re the ones you need to put away.

All Black Fall Outfitphoto: Amy Bell

2. Sticking to All White Looks

One of the biggest fall fashion mistakes to avoid is transitioning your all-white looks to cold weather. While white on white layering is one of the big trends for Spring 2015 that came out of the New York Fashion Week, those looks are definitely not summery. Mix your whites with grays, that are very hot this fall, and try animal accents, both prints and embroidery.

Fall Color Palette Outfitphoto: Flavia Desgranges van der Linden

3. Saying “No” to Leather (Real or Fake)

You’re missing out on a lot of sophisticated looks if leather isn’t part of your fall wardrobe. It doesn’t have to be real, fake works just as well for a fitter jacket that will keep your warm while perfectly dressing up your jeans. Even if you prefer cardigans, add a leather jacket to your fall style.

Fall Houndstooth Pants Outfitphoto: Anila ♡

4. Sticking to Black Shoes

Transitioning from summer white shoes to winter blacks is one of the fall fashion mistakes to avoid. Don’t be afraid to mix brown shoes with all your looks. Avoiding the mix of brown and black is a very outdated fashion rule, so don’t be afraid to mix brown leather or suede with black pants. Brown boots are also a very good addition to your fall style.

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Oversized Coat Fall Fahion Outfitphoto: Masha Sedgwik

5. Dressing Mostly in Fall Colors

Opting for a full palette of fall colors is just as wrong as sticking to summer shades. Neutrals and earthy colors can be a successful part of your r, but not when they’re alone. Dressing up in gorgeous browns and tans may feel good for fall, but if you look like you’re wearing camo when you’re walking taking a walk in the park, then you’re taking it too far.

Casual Fall Outfit Ideaphoto: Beatrice Gutu

6. Avoiding Layering

One of the biggest fall fashion mistakes to avoid is not paying enough attention to layering. It’s not just a great way to make sure you’ll stay comfortable in colder weather, it’s also a big trend. Feel free to layer different knits, as long as none of them are bulky. Go for sleek layering to be on trend.

Fall Jumper And Skirt Outfitphoto: Tiphaine P

7. Going for Cropped Pants, Because Midi Skirts Are on Trend

Midi skirts are enjoying a renaissance, even though they’re not that flattering for many women. If you want to try the look, make sure that you stick to skirts. Cropped pants are not trendy, and they’re even more unflattering. Avoid them this fall, and only give the midi skirt a short if it truly works for your figure.

Fall Fashion Lookphoto: Agnieszka Ch.

8. Wearing Clothes That Don’t Fit Anymore

As you rummage through your older pieces, remember to only bring them back if they fit. If you’ve lost or gained weight over the summer, it’s important to step back and avoid any clothes that don’t fit you perfectly anymore. Sticking to items that aren’t flattering anymore is one of the fall fashion mistakes to avoid.

Rainy Day Fall Stylephoto: Kassandra Brooks

9. Forgetting Your Umbrella

Keep in my mind that you might need an umbrella for rainy fall days, while remembering to pick the right one for your wardrobe. Make sure that you pick a color that works with most of your looks, but don’t just stick to boring neutrals. You can also make a strong statement with your umbrella, one that enhances your overall style.

Fall Style Layeringphoto: Anila ♡

10. Not Checking the Weather Correctly

Wind can be just as damaging to your look as rain. One of the fall fashion mistakes to avoid is forgetting to check the weather forecast when choosing your outfit. Anything too flowy is a bad idea when strong winds are expected, so keep your fall style sleek.