Dressing for your body type can be quite challenging, so browse through these tips that teach you what to wear regardless of your figure!You’ve definitely been here at least a couple of times: you spot a gorgeous dress, skirt, pair of pants, you grab it, go to the dressing room… and have a major shock! What just happened to the beautiful piece of clothing you saw on the shelf? Most likely, it doesn’t fit your body type and, therefore, it’s not quite flattering once you put it on.

Don’t feel sorry for yourself, even if you’ve been in this kind of situation more often that you would have liked. Instead, take a look at the following guidelines that will help you what to wear regardless of your figure.

Dressing for Body Your Type: Pear Shapes

How can you tell if your body is pear-shaped? Here are the main traits for this body style: your hips, buttocks and thighs are wider than your upper body (shoulders), your waist is small and your bottom is prominent.

Fashion Tips For Pear Shaped Women

You may passionately hate your otherwise very feminine figure, precisely because of all these prominent body parts you have. But take a look at the bright side, as well: you have delicate shoulders, amazing boobs and a flat abdomen!

When it comes to dressing for your body type, remember that your goal is to put an emphasis on your upper body and minimize the prominent parts. Therefore, strapless and spaghetti strap tops are your best friends – the best dresses for your body type follow the same rules. Ruffled tops and dresses look good on you, too, as they draw the attention to the upper part of your body.

The most flattering kind of skirts for pear shaped body are the A-line skirts that help you minimize your wide hips. As for pants, go for the bootcut kind: they elongate your legs.

Wear accessories that flatter your pear shape body type: a belt to emphasize your tiny waist and pointy-toe shoes.

Dressing for Your Body Type: Apple

Fashion Tips For Apple Shaped Women

Does your body have the shape of an apple? It does if you have a generous bust, a round stomach and broad shoulders. When you gain weight, it usually goes in the middle area of your body.

Before starting to feel like the ugly duckling, remember that the apple body type comes with the benefits of slim hips and legs and a perfect bottom!

When asking yourself how to dress for your body type, keep in mind that you need to put an emphasis on your lovely legs, sculpt your waist and elongate your upper body.

Wear V-neck tops and dresses, as well as anything that comes with a generous cleavage that puts forth your precious assets. To create the illusion of a slim waist and to balance your figure, add belts at the tiniest part of your waist as often as you can.

Flared and bootcut pants are also flattering, as well as monochromatic outfits.

How to Dress for Your Body Type: Hourglass

Fashion Tips For Hourglass Shaped Women

If you have an hourglass figure, you may consider yourself lucky: yours is the ideal feminine body shape! Still, as you probably already know, this doesn’t translate to all clothes fitting you perfectly!

If you want to emphasize your body shape, meaning, your curves, go for skinny and straight-legged jeans, lightweight fabrics, A-line skirts and wrap dresses. Actually, the best dresses for your body type are those fitted, but not too tight.

Dress Styles for Body Type: Inverted Triangle

Fashion Tips For Inverted Triangle Shaped Women

If you’re an ‘inverted triangle’, you have wide shoulders and a broad chest, tiny waist and narrow hips. To look your best, you must show off your lovely legs – your most precious asset -, while downsizing your upper body.

Dressing for your body type means, in this particular case, going for clothing items such as wrap tops, full skirts, harem and high-waisted pants. Bold colors as well as prints are your friends as long as your wear them solely on your lower body.

You may also add belts to your outfit for an inverted triangle body type, making sure that they are statement accessories that shift the focus upon the middle area of your body (and, therefore, avoid the upper half). Opt for embellished, studded and even wide belts to get the desired effect.

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