Cute outfits are a must have this summer and with a few tips you’ll be able to put together summer outfits that will scream fashionista! Although fashion trends are constantly changing there are quite a few items that maintain their on-trend status for seasons in a row, and these are exactly the staples the following summer outfit ideas are based on.

Obviously personality and taste as well as budget play a role in one’s style, so adapt the looks to suit you as fashion is made to be customized; only then, when you’re at ease with what you’re wearing, you’ll look your best. We all know that attitude and fashion go hand-in-hand, so be sure to wear only what you feel suits you and wear it well!

These cute outfits are meant to match several style preferences and are designed to be worn casually, so take a peek at what’s hot this summer and make sure you nail similar summer outfits to look uber-chic.

Ankle cut skinny jeans

Ankle Cut Skinny Jeans

Ankle cut skinny jeans are hot and flatter women with various body types, from androgynous to curvaceous. Unfortunately, the women that should avoid them are the ones with short legs, as ankle cut skinnies cut the leg and give the exact effect that should be avoided.What’s great about this jeans style is that they’re incredibly versatile. Dress them up or dress them down by pairing them with anything from silky spaghetti strap tops to simple t-shirts, shirts, jackets, pointy pumps, sneakers, flats or high heel sandals, and you’ll look hot.

Best shoes for ankle cut skinny jeans: pointy toe pumps and high heel sandals.

Pretty summer dresses

Summer Dresses

The dress is the ultimate girly-girl outfit to wear this summer and fortunately there is an array of styles and colors to flatter all women. To maintain a high comfort once the temperatures start rising it’s best to choose light fabrics that allow the skin to breath. Loose fit dresses are mostly recommended for hot summer days, but bodycon styles too are perfect for those with a killed bod.

Maxi Dresses 2014

Length is optional, meaning you can go for short, midi or maxi dresses and still look trendy, but as far as color goes, it’s best to keep within the guidelines of the summer 2014 fashion color trends set by the fashion industry. Monochomes as well as abstract, geometric or fauna & flora prints are in, so choose the styles you feel reflect your mood and wear them with either flats, wedges or high heel sandals.

Best shoes for summer dresses: flats and wedges.

Sexy summer shorts

Summer Shorts

Short shorts and shorts in general are a perfect match for those with killer legs. The design itself is made to attract attention towards the legs, so if you’re not satisfied with how your legs look like or if you have cellulite, it’s best to stay away from wearing them as you’ll only manage to attract attention towards a body part you’re not fully comfortable with.


Those of you that love to show off your legs can wear denim, silk or cotton shorts paired with crop tops, kimonos, tees or blouses, and you’ll look great. If you incline towards a feminine look opt for simple, clean cuts and monochromatic items, but if you’re all about keeping it casual and simple you can tie a shirt around your hips to add a cool twist to your casual summer attire.

Best shoes for shorts: Converse sneakers or flats for denim shorts and strappy high heel sandals for more elegant designs.

Summer skirts

We love a great looking skirt as this fashionable item allows you to maintain your femininity while still making room for creativity, as the top you choose ca transform the look completely. Midi, short and pencil skirts are the trendiest summer skirts this year, so choose the style that suits you best. Pair your skirt with crop or silky tops and choose a color combo that suits your personality and mood. Although monochromatic looks are lovely when accessorized right, it’s best to pick contrasting colors when wearing skirts and tops to accentuate the style and the outfit.


Best shoes for skirts: wedges, chunky heel sandals and strappy high heels.

Jumpsuits & playsuits

If you love to combine femininity with comfort playsuits and jumpsuits are the perfect choice for you. Straight or wide leg jumpsuits with or without straps are a great choice for those that don’t want to show off too much skin. On an opposite note, pretty playsuits are a fab option if you want to make heads turn, but keep in mind that the fashion piece will draw attention to your silhouette, so be sure you’re in great shape when you step into your cute outfit for summer.Opt for monochrome pieces when looking for simplicity or get a bit braver and choose powerful floral prints if you want to stand out.

Playsuits And Jumpsuits

Best shoes for playsuits: heels and flats.

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