Going for your dream wedding dress instead of following trends is a no-brainer, but when it comes to other details about your big day, you should find out more about what’s really hot in the bridal industry this year.

Discover the biggest wedding trends in 2014, from invitations and rings to food and other great details that can make your wedding day a truly special experience for you, your loved love and all the close family and friends you want to celebrate with.

Smaller and Unique Invitations

Forget the standard 5×7 inch size of wedding invitations and go smaller! Besides being more delicate, smaller looks and feels more precious. You can also go for a truly unique invitation. Instead of picking out the design from a catalog you can get something truly unique with the help of an artist or even draw something with your loved one.

Black Tie Reception

Black Tie Receptions

Two extremes are fighting it out for a place among the biggest wedding trends in 2014. The first is the rustic look, but black tie receptions have a lot more appeal and could become the biggest thing in the bridal industry this year. Tuxedos and gloves don’t just belong in a ballroom, you can request black tie attendance even in less formal locations.

Interconnected Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

Stacked engagement rings, each featuring diamonds or other gems, are becoming a big trend thanks to celebrities like Emily Maynard and Diane Kruger. You can take it one step further by getting an engagement ring that fits like a puzzle piece with your wedding band. This way, you’re not just following a trend, you’re getting a special piece of jewelry.

Different Bridesmaid Dresses

Different Bridesmaid Dresses

The more bridesmaids you have, the less likely you are to find a single dress that’s flattering for all of them. Luckily, one of the biggest wedding trends in 2014 is shaping up to be a wedding where each bridesmaid is wearing a different dress. Keep it cohesive by choosing a color family for all of them to adhere to and picking out a few common style elements.

Instagram-Free Weddings

If you want to make your wedding a true social media event you can pick hashtags for your guests. The other big trends when it comes to gadgets is asking your friends and family to refrain from publishing any pics of the event online. Simply mention on the ceremony programs that you’d like a low key event when it comes to Instagram and other similar services, like Vine.

After-Hours Party

One of the biggest wedding trends of 2014, the after-party seems to be taking off as many couples want to dance the night away. You don’t even have to change venues, simply state an ending time for the reception and change the vibe with different music and outfits for the happy couple once the time for the main event is up.

Wedding Cake Trends 2014

Wedding Cake Texture

Choosing a wedding cake that’s cohesive to the whole look of your wedding is important, but more and more couples are taking risks with a truly impressive cake. From frills to sweet ruffles on the outside of the cake, don’t limit your imagination and get a truly dreamy cake for your big day.

Family Style Service

Even if you’re going for a formal look, you can still try a major trend when it comes to wedding food. Going family style instead of perfectly arranged plates that arrive in front of your guests has quite a few benefits. You’ll create a warmer atmosphere, especially at tables where your guests don’t know each other very well, and the interactive element can be a good icebreaker. You can still ask the waiting staff to help on big tables when passing the plates around can be tiresome for your guests.

Asymmetrical Flower Arrangements

Asymmetrical Flower Arrangements

Forget about tight and symmetrical bouquets and table decorations. When it comes to flowers, one of the biggest wedding trends in 2014 will be the asymmetrical arrangement. Go for flowing pieces and don’t hold back when it comes to garlands, either over doorways or as table centerpieces. Get creative with your flowers for an event that truly represents the personality of the happy couple.

Decorative Phone Charging Stations

Mobile charging stations are welcome whether you’ve asked your guests to keep their social media interactions to a minimum or want a big online event to go with your wedding. Take it one step further, by decorating it to fit the theme of your wedding. Decorative phone charging stations are one of the biggest wedding trends for 2014.