Dresses for pear shape body represent quite a challenge for those girls and women who have not the necessary knowledge about their body type, and it is useful to know, in order to balance out those parts of the body which cause the problem. By stressing out the parts of the body means that some features of the dress will emphasize or the waist, or the breasts or anything else.

One of the dresses for pear shape body is the A-line bottom dress with a defined waistline. If you choose such a dress for a special event, count on the advantage what this dress offers. The waistline and the main part of the skirt emphasize the curves. Have a belt on the dress, to bring out the waist and to get the wanted figure.

If looking for dresses for pear shape body, consider those with a V-shape neckline. Pear or hourglass shape is characterized by curvy forms on the waist and breasts. Wearing a V-shape neckline is really flattering for girls who are curvy on the upper part of the body. In this case the body will look sexy and feminine and the part on which the dress is drawing attention are the breasts.

Best Dresses for Pear Shape Body Type

The empire waist is another great dress type, because just as in the previous case, the chest is emphasized by the belt under the bust, while the large skirt brings the curves out even more. Empire waist enhances out the chest and waist while slimming the tummy.

When searching for dresses for pear shape body, a shirt dress is also a great choice. Shirt dresses can be helpful for many shape types, beginning from a slim figure, for who the dress will give the illusion of having curves. In the case of a pear shape body, a shirt dress with belt defines the waist and draws the attention the curves. The whole look will look tasteful.

That is a great trick when want to emphasize out a specific part of the body, to find such dresses for pear shape body, which have some details on them. For example, if want to enhance the chest, find a dress which has details and volume on the top, or it is recommended for girls with slim figure to find a dress with volume on the skirt.

Best Dresses for Pear Shape Body Type