photo: Agnija Grigule

It’s easy to dismiss the crop top if you’re not really into showing skin, but you shouldn’t disregard it altogether. In fact, with the help of a few style tricks, you can make the crop top work for any body type and for almost every type of personal style.

You can easily go too far if you also want to wear some attention-grabbing shoes or want a dramatic makeup look, but with a little bit of balance, crop tops can help you create trendy and even sophisticated looks. Check out the best ways to wear a crop top, and decide for yourself if you’re going to give it a chance this spring and summer.

1. Pair with a Circle Skirt

For a fun warm weather look, there’s no better match for a crop top than a simple circle skirt. The only thing you should be wary of when you’re putting together the look is overdoing the color scheme. 

Circle Skirt With Crop Topphoto: Ria Michelle

You don’t have to stick to bland neutrals, but the circle skirt and crop top look loses a bit of its trendy flair when the colors are too bright.

2. Rock with Boyfriend Jeans

Crop Top With Boyfriend Jeansphoto: Denise Zarate

The best ways to wear a crop top create a good balance in your look, so one of the most fitting ways to wear a tight crop top is to pair it with boyfriend jeans. While any pair of high waisted jeans might be a good fit, the mix of mom jeans and crop tops can end up looking a bit too ‘90s. Find the right pair of heels and stick to boyfriend jeans.

3. Try with a Midi Skirt

Crop Top With Midi Skirtphoto: Gaby Gomez

While circle skirts work as a summer look, wearing a skirt that’s too short with a crop top can easily backfire. That’s where midi skirts come in. If they work for your body type, definitely give them a try. You can take your look to the next level with an elbow length crop top paired with the right midi skirt. You can also try pairing a solid color midi skirt with a printed crop top.

4. Go for a High Collar Top

High Collar Crop Topphoto: Larissa B.

Regardless of what option you choose for a bottom, one of the best ways to wear a crop top is to show a bit of midriff while also showing less up top. A high collar isn’t just trendy, it also brings the right balance to a crop top. You can even double up with a high collar on an elbow length top. If you can’t find the perfect one, simply wear a shirt with a high collar and tie it at waist level to create a more sophisticated crop top.

5. Balance with Cutoffs

Crop Top With Cutoffsphoto: Maria Perchekliy

If you’re planning on making the crop top a staple of your summer festival style, pairing it with cut offs is an obvious choice, but again, aim for a balanced look. A long sleeve crop top might be the best choice for a pair of short shorts or denim cutoffs. You’re also more likely to create a great look by avoiding really tight crop tops.

6. Pair with Pencil Skirt

Crop Top With Pencil Skirtphoto: Didi Ibarra Rake

One of the best ways to wear a crop top in a more sophisticated way is to pair with a high waisted pencil skirt. Leaving just a bit of skin exposed between the crop top and the pencil skirt will help create a more trendy look, particularly if you decide to go for the matchy-matchy look.

7. Try High-Waisted Pants

Crop Top With Palazzo Pantsphoto: The Pearl Oyster

If you’re not going to pair a crop top with boyfriend jeans, there are plenty of other options for high-waisted pants, including culottes. Complete your look with the right pair of pumps, that’s not a simply neutral, but not an attention-grabbing stiletto either.

8. Cover Up

Crop Top With Blazerphoto: Karima A.

Layering can make you feel even more comfortable about showing off a little midriff. One of the best ways to wear a crop top is to add a cardigan or vest to your look. A well tailored jacket can also take this look to the next level.

9. Crop Top Tips for Curvy Ladies

Curvy Crop Top Outfitphoto: Crystal Marston

If you’re curvy, then the skirt is definitely the easiest way to rock a crop top. Bodycon skirts that go a bit below your knees also create a well balanced hourglass look. The one thing to always check is making sire that the crop top always hits at the slimmest part of your waist.

10. Crop Top Tips for Petite Ladies

Crop Top Outfit For Petitephoto: Eva Macij

When you’re worried that a crop top will make you look shorter, one of the best ways to wear a crop top is to use a couple of optical illusions. Crop tops with a lifted hem at the center are the right choice, but you should also focus on elongating your body. A long necklace or chain, high heels and pants with a vertical stripe pattern will do just that.