The best Tim Gunn style tips are universal and can help you make the right fashion choices and spruce up your wardrobe in no time. Thanks to decades of experience in the fashion industry, Tim Gunn is truly a style expert, and his words of wisdom can help you quickly improve your wardrobe and shopping choices.

Check out some of best Tim Gunn style tips from his reality shows and his books, including Tim Gunn’s Fashion Bible, and you’ll discover simple ways to change you bad fashion habits and develop new ones that truly help you look your best.

Tim Gunn’s Wardrobe Essentials

Featured on the Bravo reality show “Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style”, the wardrobe essentials are 10 pieces that every woman needs in her closet, the core of a wardrobe that you can’t go without. From the LBD to a trendy item, which can be anything from a purse or shoes to a dress, here are Tim Gun’s wardrobe essentials!

Tim Gunns Wardrobe Essentials

Tim Gunn Style Tips – Wardrobe Maintenance

In order to keep improving your looks, you should take a look at all your clothes once per season. When you gain or lose weight, it’s always a good idea to remove the items that don’t fit you well anymore from your main wardrobe. Keeping items you don’t wear in your wardrobe leads to clutter and can lead to confusion when you’re putting together outfits.

Besides getting rid of everything that doesn’t fit or flatter your silhouette, you should also consider ensembles. If you own dresses that don’t go with any of your shoes or shoes that you can’t wear with any skirt or pants, you need to either give them up or go shopping.

Shopping in Big Department Stores

One of the best Tim Gunn style tips has less to do with fashion, but the way you approach shopping, especially in big department stores. Gunn’s advice is to quickly navigate the entire store when you’re not looking for a very specific item. Take mental notes on the areas that attract you the most, then go back to them and figure out which outfit or piece works best for your style and wardrobe.

Stores display the trendiest clothes in the most visible areas, but that doesn’t mean you should stick to them. Only pick the trends that work with your style, according to Gunn, no matter how much you might like them. If you don’t need any advice on shopping, make sure you check the list of Tim Gunn’s style tips that help you get the most flattering looks.

Project Runway

Define Your Waistline

When it comes to your silhouette, you shouldn’t hide it! One of the best Tim Gunn style tips has to do with waistline definition, because loose and big pieces usually end up adding more volume to areas you’re trying to hide.

A good belt selection can help you cinch your waistline and celebrate your curves for a more flattering look, regardless of how much you weigh. “Have an assortment, from thin ones to wide ones. It’s that accessory that you can go a little crazy with, whereas your apparel can be a little conservative”, explained Gunn to

Consider Proportions

The best of Tim Gunn’s style tips reflect the fashion expert’s philosophy, that the right proportion is key to any look. A universal view of dresses and skirts shows that the most flattering length usually hits at the knee for most women.

Stick to the lower point of your kneecap and don’t go lower for most of your looks, unless you want to look frumpy or dowdy, according to Tim Gunn.

Choosing Pants

One of the most controversial Tim Gunn style tips has to do with pants. The reality TV star is firmly against pants that flair or trousers that are tapered. “They should fall straight from the widest part of the hip”, according to Gunn.

That advice can be tricky for a lot of women, who can find pants that fit their hips but no their waist or the other way around. According to Tim Gunn, the best solution is to go with lower-rise pants, paired with the right tops that won’t allow for any skin to show.

Tim Gunn Quotes Style

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